Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Lovin

Summer break is coming to an end and the new school year is approaching all to quickly. Before we jump headfirst back into our routine I wanted to share a little bit of the fun we have had during our time off.

I am so very thankful that I have a job that lets me spend all summer with my favorite girl and this summer has by far been my favorite. Now that my girl has made it around the sun one more time I can reflect back on  our previous summers and why this one has been the best so far. For me this summer has been the best because this age has been the best for us.Our first summer was spent trying to survive as new parents, our second summer was spent running around half naked because we were potty training, and last summer she was 2 so that speaks for itself. We never had knock down drag out terrible two's, but 2 was definitely the longest year for us because we did suffer through about 2 months of tantrums which made me think we might never have another kid. Thankfully looking back I realize we made it out alive and it really wasn't that bad so maybe we won't make her be an only child.

This summer was so relaxing and so much fun! It may or may have been because we didn't have to drag a ton of stuff around with us and could just get up and go without a lot of thought and preparation. To start off our super fun summer we made a summer bucket list of things we wanted to do and I think we did a pretty good job of having fun as we possibly could this summer. 

We started off our summer slow and easy

We built every type of fort we could possibly build.

We spent many many days at The Children's Museum with Yaya

 We also spent many many many days at the zoo 


We traveled to Nashville 

 And then we brought Nashville to us

I think my favorite part of summer was our week at the beach. We hadn't been since mom was sick and before Mckinley was one so it was really special to get to spend this time with our entire family and it was so much fun watching the girl really enjoy herself this time.

Last summer Mckinley took swimming lessons, but I wasn't too happy about their technique of basically forcing the kids to do things so this summer we decided to let her get go at her own pace and now I can happily say my four year old can swim. She still needs to grow a little bigger so she can touch the bottom, but this kid has turned into a fishy this summer.

 Besides all of the fun we had this summer we also have to talk about the fact that we just celebrated my girl's 4th birthday which I am still trying to pretend like I didn't happen!!!
 How oh how is this precious angel already four. I still remember everything about the day I had her so there is no way it was four years ago! We had a small party at our house with pizza and princess cupcakes and spent the day with our family at the Children's Museum and it was perfect!

This summer has seemed so long, but now that it is almost over it feels like it went by way too fast. I don't know if next year can live up to this one, but we will sure try to make it just as special.

 We have definitely had as much non napping, wet hair, red cheeked fun that we could possibly have summer!! I can't wait to see what next summer brings!!

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