Monday, December 20, 2010


I started my cloth diaper stash this weekend. I found 11 practically new tiny gpants on ebay and bid on those (crossing my fingers I win them). I bought 1 white and 1 green pain of small little g pants and I just bought 1 cute pair of Best Bottom cloth diapers with an overnight insert. I am getting really excited about using cloth diapers. It is cheaper then disposable diapers, I believe it is better for the baby because it doesn't have all of the chemicals disposable diapers have, and we won't be throwing away thousand of diapers over our child's lifetime. I am still not sure how I talked Brent into it (I didn't really give him a choice). When we start looking into child care this is something we will have to talk about because most daycares won't use cloth diapers, but I am hoping if I show them how easy they are then it won't be a problem. I am also thinking about finding someone to keep our baby at their home so maybe that will be easier. We have a while to decide all of that though. I keep obsessively checking my ebay to make sure noone has outbid me on my diapers! I want my tiny gpants!

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