Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 8

Yesterday was the beginning of week 8. Somehow being this far makes me feel better. I will feel even better once I get to see and hear my peanut. Nothing new to report. I am still feeling like shi~ and I am super tired. I fell asleep nauseous and with a headache last night around 8:30. Poor B slept on the couch (and will be there all week) because he is on call. I think I am going to let Cathy in on the secret today. I feel bad making her keep my secret, but I want her to know why I have been eating really weird food and been grumpy some days. The biggest change in my life as of right now is eating. I used to be a VERY healthy eater, I am slowly moving back to fruits and veggies, but all I can seem to eat right now is carbs. Bread, pasta, chips, ughhhhhhh! I am actually going to take a belly picture today since I skipped last week. I definitely have a pooch, but I think it is more bloating and from eating crap. I am trying to cover up my sea bands under a sweater today. I thought they might help me feel better throughout the day. I actually slept with them on last night and slept great! Hopefully this morning sickness starts getting better very soon. I think there might actually be a baby in there!!! That is either a baby, bloating, or eating too much crap! How You Doing Sick Sick Sick Tired All Day Bloated Cravings Nothing sounds good at the moment Weight 126.0 At Dr. last week (me thinks that was bloat and I normally weigh myself in the am, naked, after peeing so this is not an accurate description of my weight ; )

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