Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And We're Back

It has been so nice not feeling like I was chained to my computer for the past few weeks. It looked like the battery had died and I am too cheap to pay $100 for a new one so I was slowly saving up for a new one instead of just doing it all at once. After taking the battery to the battery store a week or so ago I just decided to stick it back in the computer instead of leaving it sitting on my night stand and low and behold the darn thing came on.

I have not missed the computer really, but I have really  missed keeping up with my blog. I have a few backdated pictures to add of my belly and a few updates on Mckinley, but I will have plenty of time coming up because school is officially out! I still have 1 more day of inservice, but besides that we are done. I feel like this school year flew by, but I am really glad that it is over. Baby Love has been wearing me out lately so the end couldn't come soon enough. I really miss my babies, but I am ready for some rest and relaxation.

I promise more to come very soon. And I also promise I will turn off my computer when I am not using it to save battery power. Glad to be back.

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