Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Birdy

I don't think nesting should start this early, but it has definitely hit me. I have been cleaning literally all day since I woke up. I told myself I would hold out until this summer when I really had nothing better to do, but I have cleaned things I have never even thought of cleaning. For example, I cleaned the inside of the dishwasher, the outside of the fridge and I reorganized the magnets and stuff on the fridge, I cleaned out a shelf in the bathroom linen closet for Baby Girl's stuff, I put a new bed skirt on the bed, washed all of the pillows in the house, hung a new shower curtain, So on and so forth. There is still so much more to do and clean before B-Day (Baby Day) so I am not worried about not having anything to do this summer.

Besides cleaning the house I have also been planning something for the month of May. I want to try to spend absolutely nothing except for utilities, groceries, and bills. I am really good about spending money, but I want to try for a month to not spend any extra money. There is a lot going on this month (showers, trips to Nashville). Now how will I not spend any money even going out of town you ask? Well since this was a preordained trip I will give myself a trip budget (how much damage can 2 super pregnant girls really do in 1 weekend?) and I will stick to it. I basically know what we will be doing (baby showering, eating, laying around) so we really should have to spend too much. If I do good in May then I will also be doing this challenge in June. Now July may be another story since Baby Girl will be here and I figure there will be a few last minute things we will need to purchase (probably a few things left over from our registry that we might need). I know I can do it because I am the cheapest person ever. There is nothing that I am desperately in need of and most of the time when I buy something it is not something I actually need. I feel like I sometimes buy stuff just to buy stuff and it always makes me feel so wasteful.

The best part is I have finally gotten all of our diapers so the main thing I have been spending money on is complete. I will take some pictures of all of my fluff later when I am not exhausted from waking up so early because of the darn thunder. I think God is trying to get me ready for when baby girl gets here. This pregnancy has been so easy and I have been sleeping so good he wants to make sure I know what it's like to wake up a few times at night.

everyday g's six-pack
I can't wait to have my own little fluff covered butt!
I have been playing on this website The Baby Cost Calculator this morning and if I breastfeed, cloth diaper, and make my own baby food we will probably spend around $6,000 for Baby Love's first year. I also calculated the cost with using disposable diapers and formula feeding only and it would cost us over $7,000. The best thing is I am sure I can find other ways to be cheap thrifty.

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Mrs. K said...

I didn't think nesting could kick in this early either, but I am DEFINITELY there with ya! I have been so absorbed in cleaning & organizing & refreshing things in the house that I will start like 5 different projects at a time in an attempt to multitask. It's great how much I am getting done though!

Also, I think it's awesome that ya'll are going to try to cut out excessive spending. We have also been trying to find ways to cut down & save more. We actually reduced our phone & cable bills just this weekend & it feels wonderful to know that we are going to spend less on such unnecessary things!