Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wha's New Pussycat

I'll tell you what's new, my latest project. I have been playing with the idea for quite sometime to make some new flowers for my hats and I thought as long as I was putting them on hats and since I would be needing some hair bows and headbands in the near future I might as well try my hand at making some of those also. I might try making  a multi purpose clip that can be interchanged between hair, headbands, and hats.

So here is my new project (I know you have seen them before because everyone out there who crafts is making them), but darn it I am crafty and I don't want to pay someone a ton of money if I can make it my self.

If all it takes is a little bit of fabric and some hot glue then I can definitely makes some of these cute flowers in all kinds of colors. Thank goodness I ma having a little girl to model all of my new ideas.

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