Thursday, April 28, 2011


I think Brent and I FINALLY have the tax situation finally handled. Ever since we got married we have owed the government money, but no more people. No longer shall we fret every April. Besides having a dependent this next year we finally figured out they weren't taking enough out of our teeny tiny paychecks. Now that we have that figured out hopefully this next year we can get some dollars back and perhaps use that to pay Baby Girl's Hospital Bills off!! We will slowly get ourselves out of debt, but I know we are so lucky. Compared to most people we barely have any. If we can get Brent's school bills payed off then we are golden!

Here's an early treat. I went ahead and took my 27 week belly shot because I was so bored this morning.

It's funny how a giant belly can make other parts of you look so skinny. I was sad because my arms were starting to get a bit bigger, but my giant belly and boobs have somehow evened that out. Thanks giant belly!

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