Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Day

I have a lot planned for my Good Friday. First I have to go return the lime green spray paint I bought awhile back to spray baby girls chandelier (we have no decided to paint it pure white instead of the cream color it came in) and then we are going to add cute colored lamp shades. I also need to spray paint the wicker shelf my dad dropped off yesterday.

Hopefully after I spray all of this stuff Brent can finally get the grass cut without any traces of white paint (lord knows our yard needs some help. It looks like wheat is growing it has gotten so tall).

I also really want to finally paint the wall next to the laundry room with the chalkboard paint. I am supposed to meet some friends at the park for a play date so we shall see if this actually happens.

I guess I need to go get started so my daddy can come hang up the chandelier (I would do it myself, but everyone thinks I am some fragile butterfly and won't let me climb up a ladder).

P.S. The nursery is almost finished!!!! My mom brought over the drapes, valences, and 1/3 of the bumper pads (the last one is out being monogrammed with baby girls name). I promise pictures shall be posted once it is finally finished (even though you can't begin to judge the cuteness in pictures because it just doesn't look the same).

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