Friday, April 22, 2011

Checked Off

We got a ton done this weekend and it feels so good.
1. Finish nursery
2. Hang chandelier
3. Buy mattress
4. Bumper pad (1/3 of the way complete. I am waiting for the monogrammed part)
5. Curtains
6. Paint changing table/dresser and line drawers
7. Organize diaper stash
Clean out kitchen cabinet
Buy baskets to store tiny baby things
8. Clean out bathroom closet
More baskets for tiny baby stuff
9.  Make cloth wipes2 (I found some awesome ones at BBRU)
10. Find nightgown for hospital
11. have car detailed
12. have house detailed
13. clean out freezer
14. Birthing class/breastfeeding class
15.Pack hospital bag
16. Buy nursing tops
17. Pack an after the hospital mommy kit
18. Get maternity papers signed
19. Hang clothes line for diaper drying/sunning

We also did a bunch of yard work today. Brent FINALLY got to cut the front yard while I pulled weeds. Pulled dead azalea bushes and replanted/moved others. Dug a trench and placed some metal border separating the grass and whatever is growing next to the driveway (a mixture of ground cover that grows everywhere, monkey grass, daffodils, and some weeds). I think I may have over done it just a tad, but it was worth it just to get it done. I also bought  little zucchini and squash plants and some tomato seeds to do a mini garden since I want to make my own baby food for Mckinley I thought maybe I could grow a few things of my own. This means I need to turn the garden/compost pile really good and dig up those random potatoes sprouting. Hopefully these plants won't teaseme like last year. I got huge plants with nothing growing on it. That shall be done tomorrow along withe recleaning my house. I swept and put stuff away today and of course the floors are already a less (dog hair and dirt from yard work) and the kitchen table is covered with things we had to cut off and remove to hang the chandelier in the nursery.

Speaking of the nursery here are a few pictures of the progress we have made. All I have left to do it clean, sand, and repaint the changing table/dresser. And I am going to try to take off the existing handles and add some cute decorative knobs.

                   This was before spray painting the small shelf pure white (it looks much better now)


            We are just waiting for the back bumper pad with Baby Girls name monogrammed on it.

Last but not least baby girls closet. I just want you to know I have only bought Baby Girl maybe 5 outfits everything else has been given to us. We will not have to buy our child clothes until she turns 1.
Before I forget I found this awesome website called Wholesome Babyfood that has lots of puree recipes. I can't wait to start making my own babyfood for Baby Love. It also goes month by month or by stages when you should start introducing different foods to baby. I was going buy a recipe book, but once I started looking up puree recipes on the internet I started to think it would be easier, cheaper, and I could find more recipes. I am going to add recipes to a notebook as I go depending on what baby likes.

I feel like I am so ahead of the game. Hopefully I will still feel like this when we are only a few weeks out from Baby Love's arrival.

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