Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Happy Place

I have a few places that make me really truly Happy and we got to visit one this weekend. We got to spend all weekend with some very good friends and sadly I do not have any pictures (I am hoping some will show up on facebook soon so I can steal them). On Friday Brent and I drove up to our home away from home Nashville to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Austin and Amanda (Hey Amanda I hope you will be reading this = ). I was a tad bit sad because my friend Amber was out of town, but her husband Russell was kind enough to take care of us like he always do.

Friday night we got in late so we hung out for a bit and slept off the drive. Saturday morning was when the fun began. We met up with James, Ally, and sweet beautiful Madison at Cracker Barrel for some yummy food. I was so excited when we arrived because I didn't know Ally would be there and when they called our name and the number of people in the party I was pleasantly surprised to see her pretty blond self come around the corner. We got to talk and chat for quite sometime, but I was so sad when I found out she couldn't make it to the shower that night. Thank goodness the wedding is in 2 weeks and we will have all night together. Sweet little Madison was such a good little girl. She is the cutest little curly haired thing ever!
After running a few errands Cough picking up a wedding gift I shockingly left on our kitchen table back in Memphis Cough and other exciting stuff we headed over to the Drake's new beautiful house where I go to cuddle with Mr. Miller for quite sometime. He is the most precious tiny little man. He really made me want Mckinly to get here already. The boys helped them move some bigger things into the house while I chatted with the girls and cuddled.
  Russell cut the grass while we rested.) Later was when the fun really began. We headed on over to the Donegan's beautiful home to celebrate Austin and Amanda's upcomming marriage. I am still sad that I didn't take any pictures, but momma wasn't feeling very good. Being pregnant and sick really isn't fun. We had a blast hanging out with everyone and I got some more cuddle time in this time with Ms. Anna. The sweetest most adorable little lady around.I am definitely ready for Mckinley to get here. Being around all of our friends babies confirmed this. I am ready to cuddle and have my own to kiss on.
After getting my baby fix we headed home for a littl rest (

I can't wait to head back to Nashville in aweek or so now that I know I can make it up there pretty much unscathed (if I pee right before we leave and don't drink anything before or during the drive). HOpefully next time will be as uneventful.

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