Saturday, April 9, 2011

Looking Ahead

I have been thinking a lot lately about the future and what life is going to be like when Baby Love is here. My first thought is holy lord how will I get to school on time in the mornings because it already takes me SO long to get ready for some reason so my routine is definitely going to need to be reworked a touch. But then I think about how much fun I am going to have in the afternoons after I swing by and pickup Baby girl up before daddy gets home just cuddling and doing girl stuff that daddy won't miss not partaking in (We will save plenty of fun stuff for daddy don't worry.) I know I would have been over the moon if Baby girl had been Baby boy, but I can just imagine the stuff we can do together. I will have a little garden helper, and all of my little silly crafts I try to do will be more fun with a little partner in crime. We can have tea parties with this adorable tea set which I will be purchasing sometime in the near future since Baby girl shall be a tea lover like her mommy. It is just so fun to imagine the fun things we can do together.

Now the really fun part. I have also been thinking about who Baby girl will be. Will she be loud like her momma (for sure). Will she have the gift of patience (I like to think Brent and I both possess a ton of this so hopefully yes). Will she like to sing, but hopefully not have stage fright like her momma. Will she be relaxed and calm like her daddy or a little excitable like someone else we may know. Will she play sports or love dancing. Will she be clean (like daddy) or an organized mess like momma. I can not wait for her to get here so we just meet her. I know of course we will think she is the coolest kid ever created, but I just hope other people do too. I have been around A LOT of little ones in my life and I am lucky enough to know what I would hope Mckinley will be like.

So here is my list (don't judge me because I know this is all on us and what we teach her).

I hope she is respectful of EVERYONE. Grownups, her friends, people she doesn't know, people she will never meet. We will of course say Yes Mam, No mam, yes Sir, No Sir. I DESPISE when a child answers me with WHAT! Now I will respect the parent if they don't ask their child to say it at home, but I just think respecting others is so important and this is such a simple way of showing it. Some day when I am done teaching I am going to write a guidebook for parents of children in preschool. It will be a Best Seller I just know it.

I want her to be kind (not the same as the above trust me). You can be respectful, but still be ugly to others. I hope she plays with everyone and accepts everyone no matter what is different about them. I always tell my babies we Love everyone and are friends with everyone (most go through a phase where they tell someone I'm not your friend, but my baby will LOVE everyone hopefully).

I hope she will want to help others. Whether she donates time, money, etc. Anything she does to help someone else will be just fine by me. I hope she loves animals (daddy is really excited about this one. He is definitely looking forward to having to girls bringing home lost or hurt animals.)

I want her to be passionate about something. I have had children who always want to know why we are doing something or when we will be done or just plain don't enjoy anything and this makes me sad. I hope she finds at least 1 thing she really truly loves. I want her to suck the life out of every single experience.

I want her to not care about stuff. We can help her along this path easily because we can't give her designer jeans or expensive cars, but I feel like the things we can give her are way more valuable then clothes and anything that can be bought with money.

I want her to be able to stand up for herself and not let people walk all over her. This takes some people years to obtain (cough cough). I want her to do this, but in a kind gentle way.

I hope she is a good listener and actually hears what people say instead of trying to tell them what they should do or how they should feel.

I hope she loves to read. I think dad I have got that one covered. I love reading books to my babies at school , but we both also love reading books so hopefully her seeing us read will show her how great books are.

I could go on and on about this, but I don't want to bore anyone (that is assuming anyone is actually reading this) with my hopes and dreams for my soon to be little. I know it is up to Brent and I to hopefully teach Mckinley (I know I should stop using all of these nicknames and call her by her name more, but heck the poor child probably won't know her name until she is writing it because she will always be Baby Love) all of these things and of course lead by example. No matter what we will love her.

Atleast I know she will have the most beautiful baby room ever. here is a sneek peek of things to come.


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katney said...

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MillerMama said...

I was just thinking of doing a post like this - it will be so fun to see what our little girls are like!