Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What A Feeling

I am just lying here watching Baby Love roll around in my belly and all I can say is I Love It and It Feels Weird! I remember around week 15 when I started feeling little butterflies inside my belly, but now it is more like a small alien trying to break free from it's human host. I am not calling my baby and alien this is just what I always thought it would feel like if one was implanted inside me and it was trying to climb out.

I am not going to lie here either, but every now and then it can be quite painful when she starts boxing my uterus. I swear she is way to low down in there which could be a good thing and hopefully she stays head down for future events (you know the pain and panting and other lovely things to come). Tonight I am actually enjoying feeling her go crazy in there (I don't think it is because the donut with icing and strawberry cake I had today), but the other night I might have been crying because I was laughing so hard because it was sort of painful. Then the other day I could barely drive she was beating me so hard in the cervix while I was driving to the dog park and all Brent could do was laugh hysterically every time I jumped and said ouch (with maybe a few naughty words included). There is something about driving in the car, listening to music, or singing maybe all 3 that gets Ms. Mckinley raging inside my small watermelon sized belly. All I know is I am not looking forward to driving to Nashville this weekend. Between having to stop to pee every 5 minutes and getting kicked in the ute doesn't sound like a good time.

I really am looking forward to this weekend though. I can't wait to see 1 of my preggers buddies belly. My good friend Amber is due in June  and this will be the first time I get to see her belly to belly. It will be nice not to be the only one there missing out on all of the drinking fun. I swear I could smell Brent's beer across the room last night and I had a fleeting moment of wanting to snatch it out of his hand and chug it. I can't wait for our next wedding when mama will be able to P-A-R-T-Y! I will have to be careful since I have been off the sauce for so long. It won't take much to get me toasty.

I still am not used to seeing my stomach moving. I am just watching her roll from right to left and then punch me in the left side. I am just waiting until the day when I can actually see a hand or foot come poking out (I saw a movie as a child about these kids who got trapped in a playhouse and all of these trapped souls were trying to push out of the walls wich scarred me for life and I am hoping this doesn't cause flashbacks.)

I really do love feeling Baby Girl inside of me, but I am so ready for her to get here already. It will be fun to have someone to hang with when daddy works late doing the job of a social worker (funny thing is he is a counselor and not a social worker. Makes me wonder what social workers in Memphis actually do). I can't wait for Brent to have a few weeks off once Mckinley gets here which is another reason I want her to hurry up and finish baking. Lord knows the man deserves a break.

So I will just sit here with my feet propped up watching my little soccer player practice her penalty kicks inside of me waiting for my love to return home.

1 more thing before I go. I found the cutest stickers for monthly photo sessions with Mckinley. I love them because they aren't permanent. You just stick it on the onesie and remove it when you are done. Genius I tell you!

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