Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flying By

96 DAYS LEFT! This is such an arbitrary number and I don't know why this sparks such emotion, but holy lord I can't believe I have 96 or < days until Baby Love arrives! That is almost exactly 3 months! What the what! I still remember when we only had 90 days of school left and that has flown by so I can't imagine how fast this will go.

Big things seem to be happening now also. My mom should be revealing the bedding, I have my first baby shower in 4 weeks then another one the following weekend. That means I will have baby stuff everywhere and knowing myself I will have to play with all of the stuff! I have no idea where I will put this stuff, but by golly I will find room. I guess I need to go ahead and start clearing out a little area for baby stuff in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Lately a few things have been on my mind so I am trying to make a list of things I still need to do. I know I have plenty of time, but I am a planner and list maker. I like to scratch things off as they get done. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing more.
1. Finish nursery
Hang chandelier
Buy mattress
Bumper pad
Paint changing table/dresser
Organize diaper stash
2. Clean out kitchen cabinet
Buy baskets to store tiny baby things
3. Clean out bathroom closet
More baskets for tiny baby stuff
4. Make cloth wipes
5. Find nightgown for hospital
6. have car detailed
7. have house detailed
8. clean out freezer
9. Birthing class/breastfeeding class
10.Pack hospital bag
11. Buy nursing tops
12. Pack an after the hospital mommy kit
13. Get maternity papers signed

I know there are so many more things that will need to be done. The great thing is today a few things were checked off! My mom swung by today and brought my curtains, valences, and bumper pads. I am mising 1 bumper because it is being monogrammed, but I should have it soon and many pictures shall be taken and posted.


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