Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Much To Say So Much To Say

So much has happened in the Doyle household. I am currently 32 weeks which is insane! That mean we potentially have 8 weeks left until Mckinley arrives. We are all convinced that she will make an appearance the week of July 15 (that is the day Harry Potter comes out people in case you didn't know). Jen has lovingly told me if my water breaks I will just have to wait until the movie is over because they won't leave the movie until it is over. Thankfully Brent doesn't care much for Harry Potter (MMMM Griffindor) and he said he would take me. According to my Bump website we have exactly 54 days left. That is less then 2 months!! All of these numbers are blowing my mind right now.

So what has been happening these past few weeks since I have been away you ask?? Well we have had our first big shower where our amazing friends generously stocked us up with a ton of baby stuff. School is officially over (except for 1 more day of inservice and signing the all important contract). I have my next ultrasound appointment this morning to check baby girls kidneys to make sure everything is OK. Lord I hope she cooperates and shows us that pretty face because right now she is going insane in my belly. You know how some people worry because their babies don't move much in their bellies well I am worried because my child moves too much! She NEVER stops! I know most of you will say your not surprised because she is my child and I never stop moving, but she has to sleep sometime right.

Now off to start the day. Gotta get all clean and shiny for the Dr.

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Mrs. K said...

Glad to have you back in the blogosphere Rox! =) Glad to hear that it's been a great few weeks & hope that your US appt went well today. Looking forward to some pics from you soon!