Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweatin With The Belly

 Before I got pregnant I loved hitting the gym and running. I had just finished my first 1/2 marathon the previous year, but when we started trying to get pregnant something happened. I started having awful pain after about a mile into my run. Turns out I had cysts on my ovaries that were being appeased by my birth control and once I stopped taking it then they had free range to do as they please. Fast foreword to a ruptured cyst and the end of my running career for a while. Sadly I have not really run for almost a year now and just seeing my running stroller in the office/dog room/ junk room makes my feet start itching. I am hoping that being pregnant or having baby girl will somehow fix this problem because I am going to be putting some serious mileage on that stroller.

Summer Sanders' Prenatal Workout [DVD]
When I found out I was pregnant I figured I would definitelyy keep up my work outs, but that was just a lie I was telling myself to make myself feel better. Surprisingly I have not gained that much weight so far and it mostly seems to be going to the belly. I did buy myself a pregnancy workout video and I went as far as to open it up and put it in the dvd player, but I have yet in my 3 semesters (thanks Jean for that one) even turned it on. Now that school is out and I have absolutely nothing to do but sit around, eat, blog, check email, clean, nest I I keep telling myself this is the perfect time to do my 3rd trimester workout. So today I have made a date with Summer Sanders and the 3rd tri portion of the video. I have also been told by a trainer at my gym that I should try spin class on Friday mornings and to bring my gel bike seat for comfort so I am hoping next Friday my gym buddy Heather and I will go check it out. If not we will stick to treading it in the YMCA air conditioning.

Now to a pregnancy update. We potentially have 6-7 (maybe more) weeks left of being pregnant. In 7 weeks I will hit my actual due date. Brent and Jen have both said (separately which is creepy) that they both think Baby Girl is coming the 15. That is 10 days before my due date, but I am ok with that. Everything should be fully formed and ready to go by then. Jen has also said if my water breaks during Harry Potter which comes out on the 15 that she will not be making me to the hospital until after the movie is over which I am fine with because there is so much time between then normally and when things really start happening. Brent has said he will gladly rush me to the hospital (he doesn't care for Harry Pooter as he calls it). I am now taking bets on when everyone think Mckinley will arrive. Some people want her to be late because it is their birthday or someon else's birthday. I believe this is really cruel. That makes me think that they want me to suffer longer in the Southern heat and humidity. Why would you ever wish that on a pregnant person. Still we are waiting for the waking up every hour thing to start to prepare me for when Mckinley gets here. I am still sleeping great and only waking up maybe once in the night. Is it odd that I am waiting to sleep like crap. I am just so afraid I won't be prepared for waking up to feed Baby Girl and I will be even more grumpy and tired. So everyone start praying that I start sleeping like crap very soon.

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