Monday, June 27, 2011

To Do...........Again

I had to add a few things to my To Do List because I forgot to add them on in the first place, but thank you to online shopping I have gotten a few more things checked off.
Things To Get
  1. Bottles We're going to wait until Baby Love gets here to see what type she likes/what works
  2. Pump and pump accessories (storage bags and accessories)after we make sure everything is a go
  3. Nursing Stuff
  4. Baby gate to keep dogs out of nursery
  5. Bottle Bag Check Check
  6. Baby Carrier Check
  7. Wipes for Brent Check
  8. Things needed for mommy after baby comes Check
  9. Diaper cream
  10. Laundry detergent (we will be trying to use up the sposie diapers people have gifted upon us (for when we give up on cloth) before we start our cloth diapers since the first few poops are really yucky so we won't need this right away)
  11. Clothes line/clothespins
  12. Wet bag for nursery Check
  13. Diaper Bag Wet Bag Check
  14. Flushable Diaper Liners Check
  15. Breastfeeding Book Check
  16. Keurig Solo Cup dispenser for Mama's new coffee maker Check
Things To Do
  1. Hang Pictures/Cabinet Check
  2. Pack Hospital bag (I have added a few more items:toiletries, towel, pillow, boppy, nursing bra, slippers, long dress to wear home. I still need: yoga pants, tank tops, under ware, nursing pads, reading material, and the items we need now but can't pack yet: phones, ipods, camera,  and all of their chargers)
  3. Car Detailed
  4. Install car seat
  5. Hair Cut Check
  6. Mama Massage Check
Once again I am just sitting and waiting for something to start happening and I am bored out of my mind and we have a long time to go! I am officially 36 weeks today which means in a week I will be considered fill term. My weekly Dr. appointments start this week and I am not sure if I want Dr. Williams to check me for any signs of dilation. It will be depressing if nothing is happening and even if something is happening that doesn't mean anything. I could walk around a few centimeters dilated for weeks before anything really starts happening.

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