Monday, June 27, 2011

You Are Getting Very Sleepy

I should have kept my big fat mouth shut a few weeks ago when I kept bragging about how great I was sleeping! There are many pregnancy discomforts that I have been able to avoid and I will not even mention because I don't want to jinx myself. These past 2 weeks have been miserable when nightime hits and I am over it! Last night I couldn't fall asleep and was up until 2, then I couldn't stay asleep. I had to get up to pee, I had to roll  over so my hands didn't hurt or to switch hip sides because they hurt. At around 6 when Brent woke up and after he left I transfered back into the bed (I thought I might sleep better on the couch instead of the bed and keeping Brent up all night) where I slept pretty good (because I was in an exhausted coma) for almost 4 hours. I guess I am whining but for the Love of God I am tired!

I am actually looking forward to Mckinley getting here because I may not be able to sleep through the night, but at least sleeping won't be painful and I will be so exhausted I will never have a hard time actually falling asleep. So it may be a win/ lose situation, but as long as my fingers don't hurt all will be right with the world again.

Now for random birthday ideas. I have been planning what I wanted to do for Baby Love's 1st birthday since I found out I was pregnant (I know very cart before the horse) and ever since my MIL made this perfect name banner for my shower

I knew I wanted to use these as my inspiration, but how can I pass up a
Beatrix Potter themed party???

This may be the sweetest party ever, but I am not sure if it would be better for a little boy. We have plenty of time to discuss and decide I think.

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