Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So I just have to discuss something freaky. Ever since my due date has gotten closer I have had this feeling that my impatient wriggly child wants to come out early. Not super weeks early, but perhaps a few days give or take maybe oh 10 days or so maybe closer to the 15. My husband, my sister, and I have all come up with this date and now more and more freaky things have happened making us think we have fewer weeks left.

Weeks ago Brent and I were just chatting like we do and I mentioned how I thought she would be impatient like her loving mother (patience is not my greatest virtue unless it has to do with a 4 year old) and Brent asked me when I thought she would come. I happened to mention the 15 and he looks at me amazed and says "No Way!" that is the exact date I was thinking! We laughed and said how weird that would be if it really happened. Freaky occurrence #1.

A few weeks later my sister and I were talking and we saw a commercial for the new Harry Potter movie. My family and I (sans Brent) always get really excited when the new movies come out and we drag poor Brent along to see them whenever they come out. It just happens that the last installment of Harry Potter comes out July 15. After the commercial was over my sister looks at me and goes "You know you  are going to have that baby on that day. If your water breaks in the middle of the movie I am not leaving to take you to the hospital". My loving husband then mentioned how glad he would would be to leave during the movie and take me. I feel so loved people. I then mentioned to my sister how both Brent and I were already thinking Baby Love would be coming early and on that exact date. Freaky occurrence #2

As I wrote earlier Brent and I were spending the past few days at my parents house due to a power outage and my sister came over for dinner. We were laughing again about her coming early and I told her that the 15 was also a full moon. She reached in her purse to pull out her planner to check the date and when she opened it a movie ticket stub fell out. You will never guess what movie it was for. Well if you guessed Harry Potter then you are correct my friend! Thus ending my freaky occurrences with # 3.

Now I believe that things happen for a reason, but I am not going to get my hopes up. It actually freaks me out because that would mean we only have 30 days if that was the correct date. That is only 4 weeks. Freaky!

The movie poster caption is quite appropriate don't you think. Maybe it should really say It All Begins 7.15.


'HoulaMom said...

Haha if she does come while you are at the movie, you may need to make her middle name Hermione! That would be amazing! I'll be checking out the July board on the 14th/15th, just in case ;-)

Roxanne said...

Ha Ha that is a fantastic idea!! I didn't even think about that! I am so freaked out I might hide a towel in my bag instead of candy!!

Jenn said...

It's also the full moon that night!