Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Could Put A Baby In There

Even though Baby Love won't go straight into her nursery at least it is ready for her whenever we are ready for her to go there. I am sure it will be sooner rather then later, but for the first week or so we are going to keep her in her bassinet by the bed since things will be a bit crazy for a while. Nesting wise it feels SO good to have this checked off of my list. It of course couldn't have been done without my AWESOME parents and my sister who is much better at visually seeing if things are straight or not (I do not have this ability). Now for a tour of Mckinley's Room.

Snuggle Spot
Pretty Lights

Book shelf by door when you first walk in

My favorite corner

Baby Girl's Bed (The pictures over the bed will stay there, but the pictures are being changed out to some brighter nursery rhymes)

So many books

Mckinley's growth chart is the only thing yet to be hung up

Changing Table

Baby Love's Sweet Nursery

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