Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Check List

I have checked off a few more things thanks to my awesome sister. She stopped by one of my favorite stores Garden Ridge and picked up some lamp shades that I plan on getting crafty with in the next few days.
 Here is my list with everything completed now lovingly erased.

Things To Get
  1. Bottles We're going to wait until Baby Love gets here to see what type she likes/what works
  2. Pump after we make sure everything is a go
  3. Nursing Stuff Check
  4. Wipes for Brent 
  5. Things needed for mommy after baby comes Check
  6. Diaper cream 
  7. Clothes line/clothespins
  8. Wet bag for nursery Check
     Things To Do 
  1. Hang Pictures/Cabinet This should be done very soon
  2. Pack Hospital bag Still in progress and probably won't be complete until we are leaving for the hospital but babies bag is packed
  3. Car Detailed
  4. Install car seat
  5. Hair Cut Check
  6. Mama Massage Check
Yesterday I got something big checked off of my checklist. The office/dog room has been thoroughly cleaned and reorganized. I did a lot of nesting yesterday and am feeling the after affects today because I am exhausted! Now if I could get the dogs to stop shedding my house would always be clean.

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