Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Checked Off

Things have been very busy lately. For the past 2 days we have been camped out at my parents house since the bad storms rolled through Monday and knocked out our power. Almost 9 month prego mommy and the old man (Gibson) couldn't take the heat so we packed up and headed out. It was nice hanging with my daddy for a few days while my mom was out of town. It would have been nice if she was home, but we got to keep dad company. We were about to go to bed last nigth when a friend down the street messages me that the power had finally returned, but we decided to get 1 more good night in the king sized bed before heading home. After returning home today I had to put away all of the food we had been keeping at the parents house to keep it from going bad and I still ahve to finish clening my kitchen. I thought it would be a great idea to clean out soem cabinets while the lights were out which only ended in me getting too hot and sent me packing to the parents house. Now that we are home I can finish getting the house purged, reorganized, and cleaned.
Today I had my 34 week checkup and everything and everyone are measuring perfectly. I also talked with my doctor about my concerns about being induced. I have seen so many people whose doctors have talked about inducing them even before their due dates and every single one of them never progressed and ended up having to have a c-section. She made me feel much better because she doesn't believe in inducing unless I get to 41 weeks or it is medically necessary. I feel like people get scared to question or ask their doctor about stuff which can end in unnecessary medical interventions. I am ok with being uncomfortable for a week or 2 longer. If it comes down to it I am totally ok with having a c-section, but if I can give my baby the time she needs to naturally get here then so be it. I have 1 more visit in 2 weeks and then we will start the visit every week. That means we are getting so close to the end and I am so ready for my girl to get here.
I have gotten a lot completed this week and I have checked off a few things off of my baby to get/to do list
    Things To Get
  1. Changing Pad  Check
  2. Pacifiers  Check
  3. Bottles (We're going to wait until Baby Love gets here to see what type she likes/what works)
  4. Baby Sling/Carrier Check My K'tan sling should be here very soon!
  5. Pump (after we make sure everything is a go)  
  6. More washcloths for cloth wipes Check
  7. Extra car seat base Check
  8. Nursing Stuff Coming Soon
  9. Wipes for Brent Coming Soon
  10. Car Mirror/Sun shades Check
  11. Things needed for mommy after baby comes
  12. Diaper cream (Supposedly The Vitamin store carries cloth diaper safe cream)
  13. Clothes line/clothespins
  14. Wet bags
  15. Mobile above changing table 
     Things To Do 
  1. Paint Dresser/Changing Table Check
  2. Hang Pictures/Cabinet This should be done very soon when my mom gets back from Cabo
  3. Put away exersaucer and jumper Check
  4. Pack Hospital bag In Progress
  5. Car Detailed
  6. Install car seat
  7. Contact Pediatrician Check
I feel good knowing that Mckinley could be here tomorrow and at least we have all of the "Stuff" that we will need for her.

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