Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Money, Money, Money, Money (Think Donal Trump The Apprentice)

If you know me well you know I hate money and I hate spending money! This past month I decided to challenge myself and not spend any unnecessary money. I thought by doing this I would save us so much extra money and have all of this money to place in our savings account for baby love. Well imagine my surprise when I wake up this morning and we are so close to going negative. It is just so darn frustrating to work so hard and try to save and you still wind up with nada. I know we will never be financially ready for life and children (we can't back out now), but I don't want to always be worrying about over drawing our bank account. I want to feel secure. This is the one area in life that makes my blood pressure go up. We always have money in savings that we can use, but we need to keep that money in savings. I know things will get better and both Brent and I will both be making more money this next year, but I want to feel good now. I guess all I can keep doing is watching every penny and continuing my no spending. There area  few things I need to get before Baby Love gets here so I will have to budget those few things out. Thank goodness for gift cards to buy the big stuff and thank goodness for friends and family for helping prepare us with all of the baby stuff we will need. I don't think we could do it without you all. I am off to save some money!

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