Saturday, June 25, 2011

They Try

Husbands that is. My dear sweet husband really tries to help me out and make my life easier, but sometimes you have to wonder what goes through their minds.

Take the dishes for example. Last night I cooked some delicious homemade individual pizzas for Brent and I. His was loaded pepperoni and mine had feta, cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach. I have been "trying" and not really succeeding to keep the house really clean before Baby Love gets here and I am of course a tad emotional and irratable so small things non pregnant don't ever even phase me, but for some reason this made me crazy. Brent called from the other room and asked if the dishes were clean or dirty. I callled back I wasn't sure, I knew they were dirty, but I just wanted to see if he would actually take the time to open up the dishwasher and check. Now to this day I am not sure if he just assumed they were clean then he should have assumed that he should have unloaded them to be able to load dirty dishes or he opened it to see and wasn't sure if I would be annoyed if he stuck a dirty dish in with some clean dishes mind you I never wash a non full load of dishes so I am not sure how he could assume this non full load of dishes were clean. Like I mentioned before normally this never would have phased me and I would have stuck the dishes in and moved on, but I was ANNOYED! So I went ahead and stuck the dishes in and since I wasn't feeling well moved on and layed my behind on the couch. Now to fnish this pointless story on how much the dishes have annoyed me. When I woke up this morning after my adorable hubby had left to play golf with my dad I stumbled into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee on my awesome new Keurig and noticed yet another pile of dishes in the sink. I guess he thought the pizza stone (that would have been nice if he had cleaned that last night since I cooked a delicious dinner) was still in the sink I guess he just assumed that the dishwasher was full, clean, or in some other state that he could not place his dishes in also.

This is not our sink
The funniest part about all of this is I really can't be mad at him because my dear husband truly understands how OCD I am about loading the dishwasher. I have to group all of the correct utensils together in the little basket, everything has a certain place it must go, and I hate when a load is washed when it is not jam packed full. I can only imagine the fear and panic in my husbands eyes when he called from the other room to see if the dishes were dirty/clean because it really is difficult to tell because I pre-pre rinse everything.

Nor is this our dishwasher
So can I really be mad at him or fault him for my slight pregnancy rage when putting his dirty dishes in the dishwaser for the second time. And maybe I am too nice but the poor boy had just finished cutting the front and backyard (we are going to have to discuss what constitutes a properly tended yard at a later date) so can I really fault him. Plus I spent the morning getting my poor swollen pregnant body massaged thanks to the awesome Mother's Day gft from my hubby and MIL.

Next time I won't already be pre-ragey (I know that is not a word, but I am pregnnat and can typr whatever made up words I want) from deling with Verizon and cell phones all night. I am still amazed by my self control I have been able to keep this entire pregnancy. Yes I may be a bit moody, but I think I am allowed because as of now I feel like Shi%. It really isn't that bad, but I never thought swollen achy fingers and ankles could cause so much misery. Besides that I am feeling great and really can't complain.
Oh and by the way my Bump page gave me this tidbit of info. this morning

I think the most important point is that we could have 30 days, it could be less then 30 days, or it could be more then 30 days. That is the life of a pregnant woman who does not want to schedule the exact day my child will born becasue she will come when she is ready. So now we are just waiting to see when things start happening.

I guess the moral of this entire post is men need clear cut directions to complete any task the way you want it done. That will make your life and their life easier. From now on instead of letting yourself become mad just tell them exactly what you want them to do and then if they still don't do it right then you can get mad and make them suffer.

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