Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Not Cute Anymore

I was looking back on my belly shots today while adding some new pictures to my first baby album and I am amazed at how fat I have actually gotten.  few weeks ago I think I could honestly say I felt kind of cute pregnant, but I guess when you get this close to the end you just feel fat. I am also shocked because I felt like I had gained so much weight before I got pregnant and I look back at my earliest pictures and I look *gasp* skinny! God I hate being a girl because no matter how you will always tell yourself you are fat!

I am so ready for this whole pregnancy to be over now
A) because I want my BABY! I might just explode if she doesn't hurry up and get here (not too early though keep baking Baby Love, but get here soon!)
B) My fingers are killing me and they are making sleeping miserable
C) I want to work out. I mean really work out (run, bike, lift weights) anything to get these fat arms and other fat areas to go away quickly!
D) I can't stand for anyone to touch me anymore because I am downright fat! I got a massage the other day and it felt amazing, but all I could think about was how disgusting it must be for the massage lady to be touching my fat belly. Also a few weeks ago I loved for people to rub my belly, feel Mckinley kicking, etc, but now I might just swat your hand away because I know you really don't want to touch my giant belly you just feel obligated to.

I keep telling myself we only have a few more weeks to go and I can make it, but man will I be glad when this is all over and she is finally here. Oh and we are now in the 20's people! Potentially 29 more days until baby day! Holy Crap!


Mrs. K said...

OMG!\ You completely just took the words right out of my mouth. Yesterday, I was noticing this on myself as well. I just feel big now, not cute, just BIG. My thighs, my arms, even my face. I am SO ready to start seriously working out again. I miss my pre-baby body.

'HoulaMom said...

Ah crap, I'm behind both you and Mrs. K and I'm feeling that way lately, too. I think I did a pretty good job for awhile keeping the "cute pregnant" thing going, but omg, my arms and thighs....they just make me sad now. Ew. I can't wait to go for a long, sweaty run either.