Friday, June 10, 2011

More Things To Do

I forgot a few things off of my list of things to get/do

  1. Changing Pad
  2. Extra changing pad cover
  3. Extra sheets
  4. Pacifiers
  5. Bottles
  6. Baby Sling/Carrier
  7. Pump (after we make sure everything is a go)
  8. Memory Book
  9. More washcloths for cloth wipes
  10. Extra car seat base
  11. Nursing Stuff
  12. Wipes for Brent
  13. Car Mirror/Sun shades
  14. Things needed for mommy after baby comes
  15. Clothes line/clothespins
  16. Wet bags
  17. Mobile above changing table
For # 17 I want something to hang above the changing table to keep Baby Girls attention during diaper changes. I am thinking about something with pink and brown birdies made of felt.
 Tweet Bird  Mulberry Wool Felt Baby Snap Hair Clip ( Small ) 1 No-Slip, Shades of Pink Felt Birdie Hair Clippie
 I think I can crank out a few of these since I have SO much extra time on my hands right now.

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