Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I've Got A Feelin (Woohoo)

And not a good one. People lie when they say baby doesn't flip around much at about this point in pregnancy because my child moves all day long and she moves a lot and she moves all over the place. I really love feeling her move around (sometimes it can be a tad uncomfortable), but where I am feeling her now is not a good place. I am getting a sinking feeling that she is laying across my belly instead of head down like she was a few weeks ago. We still have a few weeks before she arrives , but I just have this strange mommy feeling that Mckinley may be being stubborn and now has gotten herself all turned around. I am by far not an expert and hopefully when I go to the Dr. next week she will tell me otherwise, but for now I just have a feeling my child is not in a birth friendly position. We shall see and hopefully I am wrong.

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