Thursday, June 16, 2011

Work In Progress

This is what it looks like after setting up all of the big baby gear (swing, bouncer, strollers, etc.) And what the nursery will look like with everything piled into the crib.


As you can see there is JUNK piled everywhere.



The nursery and the house are definitely a little on the wild side right now. There are large baby products sitting around waiting to be put in their rightful place or returned (infant car seat, toddler car seat, extra car seat base, running stroller, stroller frame, regular stroller, bouncy seat, night light). There are also many items that are non baby related that need to be put away and are sitting out in our tiny house like chairs, coolers, golf clubs a large basket of things sitting out for a baby shower I am helping to throw in a week  as well as the stuff I pulled out of our pantry, junk drawer, and laundry room that still has not found a new home our tiny little house is quite an organized mess. I still have yet to tackle the office/dog room, but that is another story in itself.

Now for something that has been finished. I already checked it off of my baby to do list, but I had to take some before and after pictures even though you can barely tell a difference. Before the dresser was a yucky old cream color so my sister and I painted it white and I dry brushed the lightest pink on top. I washed and sanded it really good before starting which helped the paint stick better.




I love the end result, but I wish it was a bit pinker.

The end result of all of the cleaning, sanding, and painting. A place to store Baby Girls Cloth Diapers.


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