Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Weekend

This weekend has been insane! We had so much going on and I am exhausted!

Friday night (sorry no pictures) We went to the Italian Fest and it was H O T! I remember last year worrying about our friend Carrie who was very pregnant and how hot and miserable she was. Well this year it was my friend Jill and I who were suffering. The funny thing is it was so hot everyone was miserable. I actually felt pretty good except having to pee really bad when walking back home). I felt bad because we didn't get tor really hang out with a lot of the friends we had invited, but we had already been there for quite some time (we all wanted to eat! God bless funnel cakes!) and by the time they they got there and settled the pregnant people were ready to go home. We ate, rocked out to Kevin and Bethany Paige, and all the non pregnant people enjoyed some delicious libations.

Saturday night we had something special planned. My wonderful mother is turning 60 this week and we decided it might be a good idea to throw her  a surprise party. And surprise her we did (video to follow). The look on her face was priceless. We invited family and all of my parents friends they had grown up with. I was so happy with how everything had turned out. We had Great friends, Great food, and a Great time. It was nice to be able to celebrate my amazing mom. She deserves it so much. She does everything for everyone else and she is just an amazing person so she deserves to be celebrated.


Drink Up




Last, but not least Sunday was my baby shower thrown by Jean, Jane, Julie, and Sarah. We had so much fun! I love everything about showers be it baby or wedding. I love shower food and shower games. Plus it was just nice spending so much time with family this weekend. We played this one game where you get 3 clothes pins to wear, but if you say "baby" someone can call you out on it and steal your clothes pins. Welcome the competitive Doyle/Creedon/Bosi/etc. family. It is SO hard not to say baby at a baby shower! Next we played a game where the guests had to guess what attributes I wanted Mckinley to have of Brent and I like : My eyes, his hair, neither of our teeth (we both had AWFUL teeth and braces for years poor kid), his humor, my legs, etc. It was really funny to see what everyone said. The best was the fit some of the aunts threw when I said I wanted her to have his hair because he was balding. I didn't know my husband was balding (he's really not) and it was hilarious! Th last game we played was a baby word scramble game. I think the biggest surprise of the day was Sarah breaking her big news. She got to tell Ma that she was expecting another new addition to the family in January! I was hoping they would have a little one close to when we did so Mckinley could have a friend to play with at family gatherings.




Now that all the excitement is over I can rest and get my house back in order. The sad thing is it was spotless Saturday and once again it is a mess with all of the baby equipment setup. I like the chaos though. Just seeing all of Mckinley's stuff around the house makes it seem more real that she will be here very soon. I love playing with the seat we will be bringing her home in and the swing that she will be napping in. I am just waiting on my diaper bag to arrive. My cousin Judy got me my Vera Bradley bag and I am just waiting for my pattern to come in so I can start filling it up with things we will need at the hospital for Baby Love.



The funniest part about my shower yesterday was how vocal everyone was about our cloth diapers. It still amazes me how negative people are about it and how unwilling they are to listen to why I want to do this or how it even works. I guess people still think that they are the same ole white prefold diapers (which some are) and rubber pants of yesteryear's. Luckily I have my awesome sister on my side. Besides my husband she might be the only person who is excited for me and this adventure. She has been researching everything and is cheering me on. Poop is Poop people no matter what package it comes in and it is going to get everywhere no matter what diaper you use. Blowouts are inevitable and even if we were using regular diapers there would still bee poopy messes. Our baby will just have a much cuter bum then the other babies. The funniest presents we have gotten too are the "backup diapers" when we give up on the cloth diapers. I think the hardest thing for people to accept is that sometimes you put the poop in the washer. Breastmilk poop is literally nothing , but breast milk so that is no big deal to put in there. When Mckinley starts eating real food and having real poops then  we will dump and rinse the diapers. Hopefully by me doing this people will see how awesome and easy cloth diapers can be. Now if only these diapers can really save us as much money as we hope they do.

Here's another look at our fluff
All The GDiapers

Newborn and Small G's

Medium and Large G's

Best Bottoms

Best Bottom Covers
 We only have a few more things to do before Baby Love finally gets here. I have a feeling these next few weeks are either going to drag by or fly by quickly so just in case I need to start wrapping things up.
  1. Meet pediatrician
  2. Hang pictures in nursery
  3. Refinish dresser/changing table
  4. Plan what to do with dogs
  5. Install/Inspect Car Seat
  6. Pack Hospital Bag
Then there are the things we will need to get
  1. Changing Pad
  2. Extra changing pad cover
  3. Extra sheets
  4. Pacifiers
  5. Bottles
  6. Baby Sling/Carrier
  7. Pump (after we make sure I can breastfeed)
  8. Memory Book
  9. More washcloths for cloth wipes
  10. Extra car seat base
  11. Nursing Stuff
  12. Wipes for Brent
  13. Car Mirror/Sun shades
  14. Things needed for mommy after baby comes
There are other things we will need down the road, but they are not crucial and won't  be needed for quite sometime. I feel like we are doing pretty good. All of her clothes are washed and we have all of the big equipment needed to keep her happy. Now I guess we just wait for Baby Love to finally get here.

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