Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back Again

It has definitely been way too long since I last posted. There is no one to blame, but myself, a very dirty house, a very adorable almost 2 year old, and a very tired and overworked hubby. 

Life has been so busy, but in a good way lately. I think both Brent and I are loving this stage of toddlerhood and I am so looking forward to my time off with my girl this summer.  I have a few things planned for the two of us from swimming lessons to play dates and hopefully a lot of gym dates in between. I figure since I basically am forced to eat even healthier than I already did since finding out about this wheat allergy I may as well help my self along and just get super fit before the big wedding in March. 

I do for see a lot of days like this and hopefully a lovely tan to go along with many hours outside blowing bubbles and soaking my feet in a plate baby pool. 

Please forgive my absence poor little blog bad I have a few posts in the works so don't feel left out my little piece of the Internet. 

1 comment:

Mrs. K said...

Glad to have you back & looking forward to seeing what ya'll have been up to!!