Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's For Dinner The Gluten Free Edition

I started meal planning again this week and hopefully tomorrow I can sit down and plan out the rest of the month of June. Just add this to my list of summer to do's along with my cabinet redo and shed cleaning. 

We started Tuesday since I was out of town all weekend and wasn't prepared to  really cook on Monday plus we had leftover pasta (quinoa noodles) to finish off. The best part about Tuesday is it just so happens to  be Taco Tuesday and everyone lives Taco Tuesday.  I have some Udi's gf tortillas which were pretty yummy. We like our tacos made with ground turkey instead of ground beef. Taco Tuesday is a family favorite that not only includes tacos, but delicious home made fajitas. We also like to make our own Taco Seasoning because if I make it I know it is GF and it doesn't hurt that it tastes so much better and is cleaner then the stuff you can buy in a package. Once you start eating clean you never want to go back to processed foods. Real food just tastes so much better. 

We continued our week with a new recipe I got from, where else Pinterest! I have been wanting to try a 1 dish meal for a while now and I am not sure what took me so long to give it a try. I had to hit up Whole Foods for some frozen bread products and since I already had some chicken at home I decided to use some fresh green beans and red potatoes. I found This recipe and decided it sounded yummy and fresh for such a hot spring day. Yes people I said spring!!!! Summer doesn't start until June 21 and it has already gotten up to 99! God help us all down south. 

I went ahead and cleaned my green beans, cut up my potatoes, visited school, and went to search for part of Brent's Fathers Day gift, and picked up the Little Lady while my chicken was thawing. Once we got home I went ahead and started putting everything together so I could get it in the oven since  it took almost an hour to cook. It all smelled and looked delicious when I was putting it together and I couldn't wait to eat since I had barely eaten anything all day hence the massive headache I am still rocking right now. 

I think this might have been the prettiest meal I have out together in quite a while. The yellow lemons, green beans, and red potatoes were pure dinner perfection. 

Looks delicious doesn't it? 

It could have been if I had completely skipped the lemons entirely and just gone with the olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. I have decided unless I am eating  fish, lemon drops, sorbet or anything not chicken I don't care for lemon flavor. It was just too intense and lemony. It was fun watching Mckinley make a face and shudder each time she tried to eat a green bean. 

Don't worry my family is used to this by now. Meals either turn out perfect or they are revised and retried unless they are just plain awful. 

So we will try this one again another day. Tomorrow we will bump up our pizza night from Friday to Thursday perBrent's  request. I think he fears another lemon massacre.  Brent and Mckinley will enjoy a cheese pizza from Kroger's deli section and I will be enjoying an Amy's spinach and feta pizza. Lets get real. We all know the  girl will be helping me eat my pizza. I better get 2. 

Here's to not scrambling to throw together dinners anymore and a well stocked, healthy, and gluten free stocked freezer.

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