Monday, July 8, 2013

Birthday #2

I don't really like talking about it because I get all weepy and sad, but I am just so darn excited about planning another party that I am making myself.

Last year I went a little over the top with birthday #1, and like everyone said it was all for me and she would never remember it, but I loved it and wouldn't have done a thing different if I had to do it all over again.

Even though it was a lot of work it was perfect even if the cake was the wrong color (love you Yaya!)

This year we are going for an Elmo motif even though the girl might or might not love Ernie a little more then Elmo these days. I guess you could really say we are doing a Sesame Street motif. 

So far all I have accomplished is purchasing and having my dad print them out. I finally bought stamps today so they should go out tomorrow morning. I guess 2 weeks is plenty of time.

1. For decorations my mother-in-law and are making most of the Sesame Streetcharacters out of tissue paper pom poms. 
2. Food will be very simple with fish bowls of Goldfish crackers, fruits and veggies, etc.
3. I think I will make an Elmo wreath to go on the front door with a big number 2 added on for fun.
4. I will be making 2 little felt Elmo clips to go in the pig tails I plan on creating for the big day.
5. Mckinley's big present (already purchased months ago) will be set out for the little ones to play in that day.
6. The main dish for the party will be a create your own sandwich bar with pb&j, cold cuts, and chicken salad.
7. I origionally ordered a dress with an Elmo and a cute chevron pattern on it, but I have had some trouble contacting the company I ordered it from adn we are currently working with Pay Pal filing a dispute to find out if it has shipped or getting a full refund. In the meantime I found a super cute red and white chevron bubble that I actually like better and I will be picking that up on Wednesday.
8. For the cake I am going simple and easy. I will be making a cake, icing it white, and covering it in sprinkles except for a giant #2 in the middle.
9. A very nice friend gifted us the giant Elmo and Big Bird full bodied balloons and a Happy Birthday banner and I believe that will be the extent of my decorating besides using Mckinley's stuffed animals on the food/cake table.
10. If we have time we might also make some Elmo cupcakes, but if these don't happen I won't be too sad.
11. And last, but not least are the invitations that will hopefully be going out tomorrow. Once I found these I knew we were set.

So that's the plan and I guess I need to get to work and start making some of this stuff. Last year I started months in advance, but I had so many things I wanted to do plus I was so worried about getting her 1 year pics done for the invitations. We won't even be doing her 2 year pics until August this year so you can see I am much more layed back this year about the whole thing.

Hopefully this Wednesday when the Lil Lady goes to Mrs. Julie's I can get the majority of my checklist completed. 

I still can't believe I will have a 2 year old in 19 days!


Linda S said...

Adorable decorations and party supplies! My toddler also recently turned 2, its bittersweet. Her theme was Yo Gabba Gabba.

Roxanne Doyle said...

THANKS Linda! I am really excited for next weekend to hurry up and get here!