Saturday, November 30, 2013

An Even Bigger Big Girl Bed

I purchased this toddler bed off of a local bst site in the spring in anticipation of using it when Mckinley was ready for a big girl bed. I figured since she was doing such a good job sleeping in her converted crib we may as well go balls to the walls and get out the real deal. Since I had bought the bed from someone I did not have any instructions to put it together but I was able to locate instructions online and besides 1 mishap of of putting it together upside down (I had flashbacks of the great fan debacle if 2010). We got it worked out and besides missing 2 non crucial screws that hold 1 of the railings in place (it goes against the wall anyways) it is together and she loves it! She even helped me take her crib apart and I may or may not have whacked her with a board on accident. I am an awesome parent you know. 

Daddy needed a little happy today since sadly his grandmother passed away this morning so he took  Mckinley for a daddy date to get some donuts.  

She couldn't wait to eat her "Nonuts" and sat down in the middle of the floor and went at those doughnut holes like nobodies business! Then she decided they needed to be enjoyed in her new big girl bed. I think she really likes setting her stuff on her new bedside table.
I think she likes it just a little!

I wasn't sure how nap time would go today since it would be easier for her to get out of this bed then the crib with the big blue railing we tested out yesterday and I was not surprised when she took longer to fall asleep, got up a few more times,played more and fell asleep not in her bed but on her new bedside table. We couldn't see her on the monitor anymore and she was very quiet so I snuck in to check and panicked because I don't see her anywhere until I took a closer look. See if you can spot her

Dot worry we transferred her back into her bed because with our luck she would have rolled off of the table she was so lovingly snuggled on and token something. She slept for her usual hour and a glad to two hours and we woke her up for some snuggles and hugs for Nonni and Car Car. 

I will update tomorrow on how tonight went and where she falls asleep. It should be interesting and I am just waiting for her to snuggle into her tent and scare the daylight about of me when I can't find her anywhere! 

Ah parenthood 

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