Sunday, November 24, 2013

Go Tigers Go!

A few weeks ago we decided we wanted to torture ourselves and take the girl to a basketball game. My parents were going out of town and offered to let us and my sister use their game tickets. I was not very excited about this and knew I would probably be exhausted since this was also Parent teacher Conference night, but I decided to suck it up and go just to get out of the house. This also happened to be during the great terrible two's of 2013. I thought there was no way in hell we would be able to sit through an entire basketball game much less actually enjoy ourselves. I guess I didn't give my girl enough credit and I forgot her love for anything fun. We parked as close as we could to the venue and after a cold glass of wine before heading out we went in guns blazing. I wasn't worried about my sweet girl acting like an angel because I am a mom and I am prepared for a full on floor rolling melt down all times. I was more worried about disturbing the lovely people around us especially since we would be sitting on the lower level with the rich people.
 We arrived before the game started which gave us a little time to gauge how the night would go and with a tiger hug and some loud music she was set.

The Tiger was standing at the end of our row when we walked up and my girl who doesn't know what Stranger Danger means ran right up to him and watched his every move the entire game.

Watching the band and the Tiger.

She had 3 laps to choose from .

Taking a break from sitting. She would tell me she had to go potty and when I would say no because we had just gotten up and walked up which means me carrying her up 3 flights of stairs, she would then try "I have to poop" I may or may not have said you have on a pull up so go ahead and go.

God bless you tiny milk boxes.

Why yes I let my child crawl on the floor. She is happy and that is all that matters.

We left with four minutes to go and a 20 point lead. We were about 2 hours past bedtime and my girl was sleepy, but happy. It was a much quieter ride home.

I haven trying to talk my dad into a Kinley Papa date to one of the next games, but he just keeps looking at me and laughing.

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