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Happy 7 Months

Sittin Pretty

So I am about 3 weeks late on this update, but better late then never huh. I have also gotten a little behind on the house, but hopefully over spring break I can regroup and get myself together and more organized (that's really funny!). Needless to say my blogging has fallen to the way side as I try to just keep up with the day to day of keeping everything together. We are just now getting over mama having food poisoning and or a stomach virus and baby girl has her 4th ear infection.  At least this round we did not end up in the emergence room until 1 a.m. This would be your 4th ear infection now and I believe we are well on our way to being the ear tube kid. The Dr. said if these stronger antibiotics don't work and you have another ear infection by 9 months then we will start talking about it. I REALLY don't want my baby to have to get tubes and it makes me sick just thinking about it right now, but if it means you won't have to be in pain over and over again then we will do what we have to do.

Now less mommy gripes and more baby love updates.
Happy 7 Months Baby Girl!!!!!

Each month I like to look back at all of the photos from past months and it still blows my mind how much you have grown and changed. Today I actually looked at your ultrasounds and I literally made me cry and miss you being in my belly. I am still not ready to be pregnant again any time soon, but I do miss feeling you move and kick from inside of my belly. Luckily you kick me and headbutt me at least once a day so we are set for a while.

We have hit a few more big milestones this past month. It took you a while, but it was like a switch flipped one day and you all of a sudden figured out how to roll. This has made diaper changes oh so much fun! I have started changing you on the floor because I am so afraid you will roll off of the changing table plus it is much easier to keep track of you down there. The instant i set you down now you flip yourself onto your tummy. We never thought you would do this because you always HATED being on your tummy and would scream like someone was killing you, but I guess now that you know that you can get yourself off of your tummy you are ok and now when I try to roll you back onto your back you scream. You have not only started rolling, but you actually barrel roll across the floor to get to what you want. The first time you did it I was so shocked because I took my eyes off of you for 1 second and you had moved yourself from your play mat to the middle of the living room.

A few weeks ago I couldn't wait for you to start rolling, but I could do without the full contact sport diaper changes have become. I know crawling is inevitable, but hopefully we have a few months before that starts and thankfully we don't have that much baby proofing to do in our tiny house.

Besides rolling you have become quite the eater these days, I just recently discovered your favorite thing to eat is of all random things is Asparagus! You love it and I can't get it in your little baby birdie mouth fast enough. You flap your hands (you do this when you get really excited) until I feed you. Downside to asparagus is VERY stinky pee! Your diet now consists of green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, bread, crackers, ,acorn squash, pears, apples, and fruit veggie puffs (baby crack). I am so happy I bought my 3-tiered steamer I can make so much food at one time. The darn timer turner broke the first time I tried using it, but I have my handy ghetto wrench and hopefully after giving the company a call today they will replace it for me.

You have always been quite the talker and your vocabulary now consists of da-da-da, ba-ba-ba, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmm, and you blow out air like you are blowing out a candle. You make all sorts of random noises too. We call them your calling the dolphins and the pterodactyl sounds. I know it won't happen for quite some time because the ma-ma-ma sound comes later, but gosh darn it I am going to repeat ma-ma-ma all day long until you say it.

You are such a funny little lady. You laugh at everything which either means I am really funny or you are laughing because you know you are stuck with us for the rest of your life. I keep seeing all of these funny greeting cards on facebook and pinterest, but this one I reposted today really said it all.

So true. So true.
I am going to go ahead and apologize for any future embarrassments your father and I bestow upon you in the future.

I think the biggest milestone that occured this month was our first trip to the hospital. Your fever went up to over 102 and since your daddy had fevrial seizures as a baby we decided not to take any chances and head in to get you checked out. They checked you out for the flu, but thankfully it was just another ear infection. You were such a trooper and only cried once when they swabbed your nose to check for the flu.

Sick Baby

Snuggling with Mama

Trying to get some rest

Everything you need at the hospital. Carseat-check. Diaper bag-check. Wallet-check. Bottle bag-check. Lock box-check. We didn't have Kinley's SS# so thankfully Carter brought it to us. Only thing was we had the keys to unlock the box on our car keys so he had to bring the entire box.

Carter also had to bring us the diaper bag because me someone forgot it.

So sleepy

Even when she is sick we still get a smile

Noone out driving at 2a.m. on a Sunday night
I am glad we have the first hospital visit under our belts, but I know if anything ever happens again this still won't prepare us. I may have cried just a little after that mean ole nurse had to reswab your nose because she didn't do it right the first time. I am just glad you were ok and hopefully like I said before ew are praying this round of antibiotics works and we won't have to talk about you getting tubes any time soon.

We celebrated your first Valentine's Day and we made daddy a pretty sweet present. We stayed in since you weren't feeling well and we had a nice quiet night with just the 3 of us which is how we like it.

My favorite part of this past month was our photo session with Courtney Young. I still can't believe how AMAZING our pictures turned out (yes I can because the subject is perfectly precious). Courtney really captured Mckinley and all of her personality. I can't wait to DIY some picture canvas' to hang on my very bare walls in the den.

It was so nice to relax at the lake this month with the whole family. All we did was rest and eat yummy food.

All in all this past month was pretty uneventful and yet very eventful. I am already working on your month 8 update because I am so behind completing this one.

Now without further adieu here are your month 7 pictures.

I feel better now that I am caught up with month 7. I will not get behind next month because trying to remember what happened when sure is a pain in the you know what.

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