Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bye Bye

Kinley's got a new trick!

I recently started doing a few baby signs with Kinley when she was eating and she seems more entertained by it then actually into it, but I have taught it to other babies and may as well teach it to my baby so we know what she wants. We started with more, please and all done and would like to eventually add yes, no, thank you, eat, water, milk, and of course I Love You (maybe even Mama because she is never going to say it). We have also been working on waving and Baby Love has gotten really good at it and I decided we needed to get it on tape so we could remember when she started doing it.

Everyday when I drop Kinley off at Mrs. Julie's I wave bye bye to her and I have been getting Brent to wave to her when he leaves and I guess after a while she got so tired of it and thought maybe if she did it we would stop and leave her alone. The first time she did it I was so shocked and didn't want to go to work, but of course had to go because Cathy would kill me if I didn't show up.

That has been my main purpose and why I am so glad I started this blog so I can keep up with the day to day of what goes on in our lives. Lord knows I can barely keep up with myself much less 2 other living breathing beings and 2 dogs! I never started doing this so I could make money or get free stuff I just wanted somewhere to collect my thoughts without actually have to write them down because even I can't read my own handwriting and I apologize to anyone who has ever had to read a handwritten note by me. I love having an exact record of when things occurred so I can go back and document them in Mckinley's first year album. I have gotten a few months behind on that, but hopefully over summer I will have a little time to work on that. I think it would be really cute to have that at her first birthday for people to look through and see how she has grown and changed

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