Monday, March 19, 2012

We Want You

To vote for Mckinley!

I submitted a bunch of pictures of Baby Girl to and they chose one of her pictures a month or two ago and so many awesome people voted for her, but sadly we didn't win. I was so excited today when I received another email saying another picture of Kinley had been chosen. I of course am shamelessly begging people all over the internet for votes.
So here it is. If you read my blog and would like to vote for baby girl here is the link

 You can vote once a day every day until the end of the voting period so click away and help us be #1.


eah42 said...

She's so stinkin precious! I will def try to vote everyday but I can't promise that I will remember! Either way, Mckinley has 1 vote for today! Good luck!

Mrs. K said...

Done & done! Hope she wins. Such a precious girl.