Saturday, March 24, 2012

Month 8

This month we took our second roadtrip. We had already been up to visit our friends in Nashville for Christmas, but this time was for a pretty special occasion. We were celebrating the newest arrival to our group. Ms. Saddie will be joining us in a few short weeks and we all got together for a couples shower at Kevin and Susan's beautiful new home.

Mckinley and Ellis were really funny playing together. The girls were born almost exactly 2 months apart and it was fun seeing what Ellis can do and what Kinley will be doing very soon. Every toy Kinley picked up Ellis took from her and vise versa and neither of them cared when it happened. I am sure in a few years they will be fighting and biting each other. They just kept touching each other and watching what each other did.
We had such a good time at the party Saturday night. It was so nice having all of our Nashville peeps in the same place and we got to celebrate not 1, but 2 little ones who would be joining us in the near future. You see we had just recently found out that Austin snd Amanda are expecting a little lady this summer.
We not only got to visit all of the Lipscomb friends, but I got to spend a few hours with some of my very dear friends from, UT Chris and Whitney. I was supposed to go to Whitney's baby shower Saturday, but couldn't make it all the way out to Dickson and back in time for the Donegan shower, but getting a few uninterrupted moments with them at their precious home was even better. Whitney will soon be a fellow coth mama so I had to bestow upon her some cute fluff and bottom butter. I think Kinley really liked Chris. She kept rolling all over to him adn trying to take his glasses.
We did not hit up our usual breakfast spot (Pancake Pantry) because we had been craving cheesecake for quite sometime so we headed out to the Factory of Cheesecake for some grub. The girls did a little tandom screaming, we ate soem delicious food, and may have left our pink giraffe blanket. Thank you Russell and Amber for swinging back buy and picking it up for us. Once again you did awesome on the drive home. you slept almost the entire way there and back. We are praying that you do the same in July when we head to the beach. 

Month 8 has been a slow month for us. You are sitting up and rolling, but no forward movement yet. You will try to push yourself up on your little chubby arms, but you just can't seem to hold yourself up. You are still sleeping like a champ, but every now and then you will cry out in the middle of the night, but all you need is a repacying and you are back to sleep.That is a real word I swear and if you look it up in the dictionary it will say what a tired parent does when their child wakes up at 3 a.m. and or sticking a paci back in a child's mouth so you can get a few more hours of sleep. We haven't really tried any chunks of solid food except for puffs and you aren't really eating that much yet. Our meals at home are hit or miss, but you always seem to eat better for Julie at school. I have only had to make 3-4 batches of food so far, but hopefully you will start eating more soon. 

I swear I don't just post the pictures where she is smiling she is just always smiling.

First time swinging.

You think he likes her a little bit?

My girl isn't afraid to get a little dirt under her nails.

I have really enjoyed month 8. Besides another ear infection (I don't think you will ever be 100% well) month 8 has been pretty uneventful. We are just chugging along still trying to figure things out. I don't think we will ever feel like we we have this parenting thing completely figured out, but we haven't screwed you up too much just yet so maybe we aren't doing that bad of a job.

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