Saturday, May 26, 2012

Going To The Chapel

Kellye and Jerrub are gonna get married!! I am about to head out the door to swing by my aunt's to pick up some flowers and head to my parent's house because today my mom and I are arbor decorators and bustle artists. I have googled both of these acts and am still not sure how to either, but gosh darn it I will try.

These are the arbors, but I did not do the decorating.

I will post some pictures tomorrow. Who knows maybe arbor decorating and bustling things are my true calling.

We arrived at Maple Grove Farms a little before 2 and immediately started unloading all of our supplies. We decided I would be the ladder climber and my mom would be the plant preparer. Almost everything we used was supplied by my mom or friends. I believe we ended up spending  maybe $70. Thankfully my mom had ordered some greenery from Sams Club because that is what we mainly used to create the decorations and then we filled in with flowers.

The signs walking down the aisle created by Kellye's daddy Terry.

The Program/Guest Book table. The photographer they had originally wanted to shoot the wedding backed out just a few weeks before the big day (I would have killed him), but he was nice enough to create a beautiful guest book out of Kellye and Jerrubs engagement pictures.

The arbor entering the ceremony sight. We used leather leaf for the main greenery and I believe the flowers are a type of hydrangea (I will have to ask my mom to make sure).

For the main alter arbor my mom took down the white fabric hanging in her bathroom and I am so glad she did because it made the whole look come together. I think it would have been really plain looking without it.

I am really really happy with the way everything turned out

The back of the first arbor. We wanted to make sure you couldn't see the stems and oasis sticking out the back.

The signs walking back

These wreaths hung on the reception hall doors.

The groomsmen

The Bridesmaids

Precious flower girls and ring barer. We didn't think he was going to make it down the aisle, but he made it with the sign tucked under his chin.

I wish this hadn't turned out so blurry because it is such a precious picture.

Mother of the bride

Father of the bride

Jake does clean up nice

The caterer was a family friend who also turned out to be an amazing decorator! The food was DELICIOUS! and the buffet and table decoration were AMAZING! I absolutely loved this main center piece. Sadly my camera does not do it justice.

All of the vases were decorated by the triplets. Just in case you didn't know My MIL came in a set. Jean, Jane, and Joan be thar names. Jane happens to be the brides mama.

Mr. and Mrs. Hammrich

A little June bug montage

I still can't believe the wedding is finally here and Kellye is married! Everything was perfect and I am so happy for these 2 kids. I wish them many many years of happiness.

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