Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller I Wish I Was A Baller

I wish I had a super duper cool camera that I could take even more pictures of my bebe with. 
We are kind of poor and I would NEVER be able to afford anything more then my little Canon elph. I love my little camera and it has done a great job, but it isn't going to last me too much longer and just today as I was reading one of my favorite blogs they were hosting a giveaway and today is the last day to enter! Ehh! Seeing as how I have been out of touch with the internet world I felt like maybe today was my lucky day and I needed to enter. I would give my right arm and possibly a few toes, and maybe an ear to win something like this. All I have to do is edit one of my photos using CameraBag and seeing as how the site I was using to edit my pictures has since been removed I need somewhere new to edit pictures of Baby Love. I guess I need to chose a picture now. Sadly I don't have that many to chose from since I haven't had time to re save all of my pictures I lost in The Great Computer Crash of 2012!

I knew what picture I wanted to use because when I took it I knew it would be a really good one.
The first picture is the original. I took it at the zoo on a very special trip. It just so happened to be Kinley's first real zoo visit and we got to spend the day with my sister, her new boyfriend, his sister and her 3 little boys. We were watching the grizzlies play in their pond and one of the little boys pressed his tiny little hands against the glass to watch the bears swim around and play. The colors the water created and his little outline against the glass just caught my eye.

Once I downloaded CameraBag I started looking at all of the different ways I could edit my picture. I have to say CameraBag is super easy to use. I have used other editing software and it was all Way too hard for me to figure out. I like that CameraBag lets you chose different ways to edit. I like the preset favorites and my absolute favorite was Tunnel Vision. I like how it kept the blue colors of the tunnel and the water and how it darkened the picture and made it a bit grainy.
I played around with the light and saturation, but I didn't like messing with the Tunnel Vision settings. I liked how it looked without too much fine tuning.

So here it is my CameraBag edit. I love how easy it was and I absolutely love how my picture turned out.

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