Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mistakes and a Little Bloglovin

I accidentally deleted 3 friggin posts from this week because I am a super awesome idiot! Here's a quick recap of stuff no one probably wanted to read anyways. Everything broke in our house (my sad computer is on the top of that list). Fast forward everything except the lawn mower has been fixed or replace because I am awesome and have become my own Geek Squad. I now know how to replace a hard drive, sweet talk and At&T guy for a free wireless modem and u-verse for $24.99 for a year (he told me to call back in 6 months and tell them I want to cancel my service to get another free year). Plus he taught me how to hook up my phone to the modem and never use my phone data while at home.

Now for my post baby body deleted post recap. 
I am down to my pre baby weight and I am going to get really healthy again. I plan on starting weight watchers again and I will be doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred along with some running, P90X, Pilates, and yoga mixed in. I still can't believe I gained and lost 50 lbs. in 18 months. Like they say 9 months on 9 months off. I really do feel lucky because nursing/pumping helped me lose most of the baby weight. I also feel very lucky that my body let me nurse/pump as long as I did. Now that I look back and how much I was actually making when I did finally stop I kind of wish I was still doing it, but we are done and I can give myself a nice pat on the back for working as hard as I did and hopefully next time I can nurse even longer. Back to my plan to get this mama body back in shape I plan on doing a post Monday or Tuesday on my progress and I will include some awesomely embarrassing photos of myself and I will include my losses, gains, and stats. This will be purely to keep myself accountable to sticking with it and I am hoping putting everything out in the public on the internet will actually make me get off of my lazy butt and get moving. Since I have nothing, but time on my hands this summer (please pray that my child keeps her long nap in the mornings) I am hoping to lose at least 5 more lbs. and tone up this bod a little. Please feel free to antagonize and yell at me if I miss a post because obviously like my birth when my doctor was practically yelling at me for not working hard enough I need someone to kick my butt and make me work!

Last, but not least I wanted to show a little love for a good friends Super Duper Adorable Blog, but I once again am a freakin idiot and deleted that post too. Her name is Nicole and she just so happens to be a good friend and fellow 4K teacher. She has started  a blog all about preschool and the awesome stuff  we do. Preschool isn't all playtime people.We work our butts off everyday and these kiddos are wicked smart and we have to come up with more stuff each and everyday to keep up with their little spongey brains. Nicole has done as awesome job keeping up with the different crafts and activities that go down in 4K. If you have a minute or need some super cute ideas for your classroom please pretty please go check out The
Pre K Diaries.

So that's what you missed because I am a complete moron. I learned my lesson about changing labels on different posts. I am still not entirely caught up with all of the changes on blogger. I am sure no one really wanted to read those post anyways and hopefully it won't happen again. How about a little Kinley to make up for it.

A Little Popeye Lip

We LOVE you!

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Mrs. K said...

Glad I got to read them before they disappeared! =) I actually commented on one of your posts, but it was just another "glad you're back" comment. <3