Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brain Brain Go Away

Since I am awake and my brain is all crazy I thought I would take a moment to talk about how well I am handling my child turning 1. 

Did I cry the other day because my baby hasn't had a bottle in 4 days


Did I wait until the last minute to order her awesome birthday gift ( an oh so fun play kitchen) because I am in denial that in 13 days she will not be a baby anymore


How am I handling all of this you ask.

Well my answer is I will either need to be heavily medicated or pretty drunk that day because it won't be purty. 

Poor Brent will have to spend all day with me going over exactly what happened a year ago the day before and the day of her birth.

Me: Remember when we went to Mcallister's after leaving the hospital visiting Jill and Ben and Noah and me being upset because I couldn't feel the baby move and I said I would never know what real contractions feel like because I was having so many weird pains...... Ouch that hurt.
Poor Brent: Yup. Do you need more wine?
Me: Remember the nurses whispering down the hall way and the doctor not having the contraction machine plugged in for the first 30 minutes?
Poor Brent: Uh huh. Another glass.
Me: Remember me trying to sit on that stupid exercise ball and rolling around like a beached whale?
Poor Brent: Oh yeah. Can I top you off?
Me: Remember when we had the most precious kick ass baby? I will probably be sobbing at this point
Poor Brent: I don't think you need to drink anymore.

As you can see I am handling this really well and if any of you would like to buy Mckinley one of those nice boxes of wine for her birthday she would greatly appreciate that and hopefully share with me.

You are my sunshine

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