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Hi my name is Roxanne and I am a Pinterest addict. 

I LOVE me some Pinterest and I have a board for every aspect of my life from my home to school and even my child. I do however actually follow through with things that I pin and lately I have tried several things I found on Pinterest.

First I have to share a blog I found through Pinterest. It is probably one of the best blogs I follow these days and I want to be friends with this chick! If you have not visited Pintester yet I suggest you click on the link because it is worth a look. Basically what she does it take things from Pinterest and actually try them out. Most are what you might call a fail, but the pictures and her descriptions are priceless.

Now on to my own Pinteresting.

I have tried a few recipes I pinned and sometimes they are ok and sometimes they are bad. I am not saying it is the recipes fault because it is probably me, but this one time I made these fish tacos and they were Ahmazing. Only problem with my recipe I couldn't find 1 key ingredient. Don't worry I have already written Kraft an email about this. An email isn't as good as a hand written letter, but it will have to do for now.
I pinned This Recipe onto my Cook Me Board, checked my pantry for any ingredients I already had and the hubby and I headed out to drop off the little at his parents and do some shopping. We ended up finding this awesome international farmers market where we picked up all of our fruits and veggies and some tahini for my hummus and then we hit up Walmart Super Center to get everything else. They don't carry whole wheat macaroni and cheese next to the fuzzy cucumber at the international farmers market hence the 2 store extravaganza which turned into a 3 store extravaganza.

All I needed to make my fish tacos was the gosh darn Kraft fresh Takes seasoning pack. One of the most crucial ingredients besides the fish. They didn't have it at the farmers marker. They didn't have it at Walmart, but they did have 4 other useless yet delicious sounding flavors which I will be trying in the near future. Hence store number 3 in our travels. We swung by our favorite Kroger on the way back home confident that they would have it because they have everything. I dashed inside while Brent hung in the car to only return defeated.

You see when it comes to cooking I am not one for throwing things together because inevitably whatever it is it will not taste delicious. Even when I follow directions it usually doesn't taste delicious. Don't worry my husband doesn't starve. There are a few things I make very well like stuffed zucchini, pot roast, any kind of fish, stir fry, nachos, and we usually eat some variation of those most nights. I am just getting sick of the same ole same ole so I wanted my dang fish tacos so I decided I was going to just throw together all of the ingredients that would have been in my Kraft Fresh Takes packet and pray for a taco miracle. I got my lime juice, chili powder, cheddar cheese, and panko bread crumbs and went to work. 

I dipped the fish in the lime juice, mixed the cheese chili powder, and panko together and then rolled my fish in that as my breading, slapped them on a greased pan and placed them in the oven on 350 until done. Much to my husband's dismay I tend not to use a kitchen timer which might be the reason what I cook doesn't turn out. While my fish was cooking I sliced an avocado feeding a few slices to Mckinley who started screaming at me when she saw it. Chopped my purple cabbage and mixed it with the pineapple salsa. Before I got to any of this I realized I had all of my ingredients except for 1 very important one can you guess what it is. Well it is what makes the fish taco a taco. Yup you guessed it the flour tortillas so I quickly turned the oven off grabbed the Little and my sister and set out once again to the store. After returning home I finished the fish and we were ready to eat. 

I can honestly say they looked really purty when all put together and I was feeling pretty good about this. I wanted to taste it before my sister had a chance to tell me hoe nasty my tacos were and wouldn't you know they were delicious! Sadly I am not on of those cool bloggers who are patient enough to take pictures of every step in the process of what I make and I didn't take a picture of the finished product either because I was too hungry to stop, get my camera, take a picture, and then upload it to the computer. I worked hard for this taco and I was going to eat it! 

So pat on the back my Pinterest fish tacos turned out with or without the help of Kraft. 
In case you were wondering I am still waiting to hear back from them.

I don't think they would have been any better if I had been able to find the seasoning pack.

Tonight we tried 1 more Pin I have been dying to try. I have always wanted to make my own bread, but it is just too hard so I decided to try pizza dough because that should be much easier right? Well it is and I was so sure I had screwed it up, but Brent and I both enjoyed our own personal hand made pizzas for date night tonight. 

I used This Recipe and followed it step by step exactly as they said to do and our pizzas were da bomb! They were pretty rustic in shape, but absolutely delicious! We I tend tend to be very frugal, but we splurged tonight on real mozzarella and Boar's Head pepperoni for our pies. I had a delicious Margarita pizza with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil and Brent had a mozzarella pepperoni pizza. The scariest part was sliding the pizzas from the flour covered cookie sheet I had pressed them out on onto the flaming hot pizza stone in the 500 degree oven, but to both of our surprise they slide right off and fit perfectly together. The trick is turning the stove to broil on high right before putting the pizzas in for a crispy crust and you only have to cook them for 5-8m minutes! We had to suffer through a few minutes of the smoke detector going off and lots of smoke from stuff burning off of the pizza stone and the bottom of the oven, but it was worth it! It was a GREAT date night!

Once again no pictures of our pizzas, but they looked pretty close to what my Pinterest picture looked like so I will share that and since we
plan on making them again since the recipe made enough for 2 large pizzas or 4 small individual pizzas and pizza is usually our Friday treat maybe just maybe I will snap a quick picture before devouring it. I love knowing exactly what is on my pizza and how fresh everything was and it was WAY better then any frozen pizza we have ever gotten from the store! I think next time I am going with a feat black olive configuration. 

I have a few other Pinterest crafts and recipes to share, but those will have to wait until after the big Birthday Party and seeing how it is 3:00am I should probably be trying to get some sleep if my brain would go ahead and shut itself off for the night.

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