Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Month 11

In 1 month exactly my baby won't be a baby anymore. I shall need copious amounts of wine that day because I am going to be a big ole mama blubbering mess! I never thought I would be this person. I know I know I ALWAYS say I never knew I could love someone this much, but gosh darn it can you blame me. 

You are becoming a toddler so fast we can hardly keep up with you. You crawl really darn fast and you can cruise around any furniture and you love climbing up and down stuff especially precarious very unstable stuff. Thankfully you haven't really started walking just yet. Being more mobile just means you are getting into everything and your favorite past time is pulling everything out of your toy baskets that I just cleaned up.You are Awesome at walking with your walker and you can walk with us just holding one hand, but you still aren't confident with standing for longer then a few seconds  and when we let go you immediately sit down. Is it bad that I am happy you haven't started walking yet. I can't keep up with you now as it is and I am sure once you are walking you will never let me cuddle you. Give me just a few more weeks baby love.

You have become even more of a chatter box this past month I can only imagine whats to come. I love your time in the mornings when you play in the den for a bit by yourself and I spend a few minutes cleaning and straightening up from breakfast. You play so nicely by yourself and I love to just listen to you chatter away with your toys. If anyone knows me well I might sometimes maybe have a potty mouth, I am very good at hiding it most of the time especially now that you are repeating most words that we say. Your vocabulary now consists of Mama, Dada, Daaaaaaady! I have been working really hard to get you to yell this from your bed so whenever you wake up this is who she yells for) Ya, Ya, bad dog, bye bye, thank you (you can't get it all out, but you make the inflection with us), please, down, stuck, no no (mama fail for teaching you this one because you say it ALL the time now so if you hear her say it ignore it and don't say it back to her), doll, woof woof, and dat (that) you say this and point and we try to name whatever we think you may be pointing at and you point at everything! I love your thirst for words and life. You want to touch everything and feel everything and I hope that never goes away. I want you to enjoy learning new things and having new experiences. I want you to travel and live in different places. I wish I had been brave enough to travel, but you have my blessing to go where the wind takes you my little kitten. Especially if it is somewhere cool that I can visit.

You are still a great eater and I pray it stays that way because it makes it so much easier to just feed you whatever I am eating. Funny thing is if I am eating something in the den you yell at me until I give you some and then you end up eating all of my food. Guess this will be good for losing a few pounds.

We usually start our day with some kind of toast, fruit, eggs with something mixed in or a fruit smoothie ( You LOVE drinking from a straw). I always try to have some sort of fruit or veggie mixed in with whatever you eat which is great for mama because sometimes I forget these things when I am rushing around. Lunch usually consists of  turkey or ham, shredded cheese, some more fruits or veggies, or whatever I am eating. For dinner I like to be more adventurous. You LOVE taco soup and beans and we always have plenty of that on hand, you love any kind of pasta, and of course your favorite fish and quinoa with mixed veggies. Like I said before you will eat anything and I pray you don't become picky like your daddy.

You are still a great sleeper with occasional random middle of the night wake ups, but those are few and far between. I think the biggest accomplishment wasn't yours, but mama and daddy's. We had been planning to let Nonni and Car Car keep you while we had some fun at Italian Fest and I didn't make up my mind until we dropped you off. I went ahead and brought your pajamas, sound machine, and sleep friends and as we were leaving told them we would see y'all tomorrow because they got to keep you all night. I still can't believe it took me this long to actually do this and I am sure now that we have had 1 sleepover we will have many more.

I am sure you won't remember any of this, but month 11 has been a pretty tough month for our little family. Your Ya Ya is very sick, but we are so thankful that you are here to keep us going. You have been the greatest source of entertainment and comfort when we all needed it most.  We couldn't ask for a better medicine to make Ya Ya feel better. Anytime you start dancing she instantly starts to feel better.  You are a ray of sunshine in such a stormy  time in all of our lives. I know you were sent here for a purpose and I truly believe it was to bring happiness and  peace during this time. 

We are in high party planning gear. This birthday is going to be a shindig. I think I have almost everything checked off of my list.
Birthday fabric scrap banner
Birthday crown
Trial run of smash cake
Trial run of rainbow whoopee pies
Finish month banner
Food plates
Cake plates
Paper Straws
Small cups for dip and veggies/fruit

paper flowers
Pictures for invitations
Order Invitations
Send Invitations

Smash cake monogrammed shirt

I can't believe I only have 4 more things to do before the big day. I still can't believe in 2 weeks you will be 1 years old. It really is true when they say the time flies by. I am expecting an very long and emotional post next week with possibly a birth story recap and an hourly play by play of what was happening at that exact time a year ago that day. I still remember even the smallest details like visiting our friends and their baby in the hospital and what I ate right right before my first contraction. 

My flower child

We've done a lot of swimming this year. You are definitely a water baby

Hanging at the lake

Hanging with Uncle Gene
Super Excited about no ear infections!! Just a little swimmers ear

You are like no other and I wouldn't want you any other way!

Feeding myself like a big girl

Baby model

Gotta have Lamb Chop

We LOVE to the Zoo

You are so much fun and I am so lucky that I have gotten to spend this last month with you and I am so thankful for the time we have left just you and I before school starts again. You are a bundle of joy trapped in the cutest fluffy bottomed body ever. You radiate light and the sound of your laugh makes even the worst day better. I like to think you are the way you are because your Daddy and I are awesome, but I know you were made different then the rest of us. You were created to bring joy to this world and you have done that every single day since the day you were born. 

I love you Mckinley Grace. You are the best addition to Team D.


Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

She has such gorgeous eyes!

Roxanne said...

Thank you! I still can't believe sometimes that I have a blue eyed baby! I still remember thinking about what she would look like while I was pregnant and I always pictured a dark haired hazel eyed little lady. I don't think I could ever love my blue eyed blond anymore then I already do!