Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That's Life

Life has been a bit busy lately. 

We spent a week at the beach resting and recuperating. 
Mom had her second round of chemo and we have been keeping her company.
I have been finishing the last details for Mckinley's first birthday party.

I will hopefully do some blogging tomorrow about all 3 of these happenings.

Right now I am just plain tired so I might go snuggle in bed and watch my baby do some sleeping on our creepy video monitor.

Maybe I can try to drink 8 cups of coffee tomorrow to outdo my 7 from today.

If you have a minute could you please add my mama into your daily prayers. She is doing pretty good, but a few extra prayers can't hurt right.

Can you tell I am enjoying spending the summer with my love?

1 comment:

Mrs. K said...

Keeping your Momma in my prayers, Rox.