Monday, January 16, 2012

And So It Begins

I knew this day coming for a while, but I never thought it would get here so quickly. I wish somedays I could just freeze time or squish my sweet baby so she couldn't get any bigger. I am trying to soak up each and every second and my husband will just have to get used to me taking random pictures of the smallest things because I want to remember EVERYTHING! I just keep thinking that we will never be first time parents ever again. We will be bumbling idiots pros at this parent thing next time around.

Today was one of those big moments as first time parents. We are about to celebrate Kinley's half birthday and yes we will be celebrating. Today was a yet another big milestone that happened too quickly and kind of nuck up on us. Mckinley had her first taste of real food. We have almost officially made it 6 months on booby milk as we call it around these parts and hopefully we will make it another  2-6 months. I am now  giving myself a big mama pat on the back for making it this far I am very stubborn and even if I have to supplement with some formula I will keep pumping 6 times a day especially if my supply picks up like it did today, but I digress.
I sent Brent to the store yesterday and told him to go ahead and pick up an avocado since we were planning on giving it to her next Friday and thankfully my lovely hubby decided to get not 1 but 2 deliciously ripe avocados because I decided to make myself a delicious turkey and ham sandwich with a creamy avocado spread and as I was eating it Kinley watched every bite I took and even tried to grab my sandwich. I kept telling myself once she was 6 months (in 11 days), sitting up all by herself, and seemed really interested in food (she has consistently been grabbing for my plate, cup, and food for a few weeks now) it would be time to get down to biznass. I have been very hesitant about this day, but today it just felt right. So we set up the video camera, got Kinley's seat ready, and got ready for the main event.
I let Brent take the lead on this one and I handled the recording. At first Brent had a hard time getting Kinley to really open up her mouth to get anything in, but after a few minutes of him pushing the spoon into her mouth she started to figure out what to do. It was amazing how she instinctively knew to start chewing and she never once spit anything out. I of course got a bunch of great pictures and a video that I will hopefully post as as soon as it loads to YouTube which will take forever because it is a pretty lengthy to get the full glourisness of avocado being smushed around and wiped in hair.
All in all she did great and by the end she was actually opening her mouth for more. We will stick with the avocado for a week and then next week we will probably try some carrots or some peas. I think we will stick with vegetables first since they seem to cause fewer allergic reactions (don't quote me on that). I am thinking we will try carrots, peas, green beans, squash, eggplant, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and then we will try some apples and maybe some blueberries and other fruits. Then we will really get adventurous and maybe even try some homemade meat baby food.
I still can't believe it has already been half a year and so many huge events have been happening in such a short amount of time. I know I keep saying I love every age, but 6 months is going to be fun and I can't wait to see what is coming next.


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