Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy 5 Months

Mckinley Grace you have been a very busy little lady this month.
You received the delightful gift of your first ear infection and upper respiratory infection and to add the cherry on the top of that rocky road sundae you have not 1 but 2 teeth coming in. We have been waiting and watching for a bottom tooth to pop through and all of a sudden one day when you were laying on your play mat I noticed your 2 eye teeth working their way through. Needless to say this last week  has been really crappy fun. To be honest it really hasn't been that bad. I know once the teeth actually start to break through that might be another story, but I think we can handle this teething business.

Now for some Month 5 Stats

Age: 5 Months December 27

Weight: 14.8 by my scale 15 by the doctors

Length: 25

Percentile: Right smack dab in the middle at 50%

Sleep: Now that Christmas break is over and we are back in our routine you are sleeping much better again. You moved your bedtime up all by yourself and now youa re going to bed between 8:30-9 and you sleep until 6-7 depending on the day. You do however like to wake up some nights to talk, but you go right back to sleep with a paci. The paci is another story. You can take it or leave it and thankfully you never need it during the day unless you are napping. Sometimes you nao  without it, but you still seem to need it to go to bed at night but you don't need it to stay asleep. Hopefully we will get rid of it soon and it will definitely be gone by a year.

Long walks on the beach, sunsets, j/k.

You LOVE sitting up and standing. we still have to prop you up with your boppy of you will fall over to your right side, but you are really trying to sit up on your own these days. You are definitely my child because you are extremely independent. I love watching you figure new things out and it seems like you are doing something new everyday. You are the most happy when we actually hold you up so you can stand and or jump. Thankfully we have a doorway jumper and an exersaucer which gives our poor out of shape arms a break, but I must say I do get a pretty good arm workout bouncing you. We are pretty sure you will crawl for a day and move right on to running which will help mama get back into shape faster so I am ok with that.

Let's talk about food. My girl LOVES to eat. It is hilarious now when you see your bottle coming towards you because you know exactly what it is. You are such a little chunker and I know we will have no problems when it is time for you to start eating because like your mama you just love to eat. We are planning on starting food around 6 months so we have been practicing taking breastmilk from a spoon. You don't seem to care for the spoon, but I am sure when it has real food on it you might like it a little better.

I think your most favorite thing in the world is your changing table, having your butt changed, and being neked. Yes neked not naked. We get neked in our house. I wish you could see how fast my spell check started lighting up when I was typing neked. Since we use and are still loving our cloth diapers we have neked butt time a few times a week to air out the butt. This is good for any in any kind of diaper. It allows the bottom to breath and if your baby gets a yeasty bottom if it is warm outside you can help clear up the yeast by sunning their bottom just like you sun cloth diapers to remove stains. You have become very active during diaper changes. You roll around, kick, scream, talk. Needless to say diaper changes in our house have become a full contact sport.

To go along with neked time you love bath time. I think because you get to be neked again and because you love the water. Mama's relaxing baths have become Mama and Kinley baths. I have found that it works better for us if we bathe together. Those bath tubs are useless and cause back pain and are just pains in the you know what. So far we haven't had any potty issues while in the tub and I pray we never will because that would mean we would have to shower after our bath and that is a lot of work.

We have a new saying in our house "thumbing it". It seems whenever you want to feel something or you like something you run your thumb up and down it.

One of your favorite things to thumb and rub is Daddy's beard. I love watching y'all cuddle and hangout and it kills me when you reach your little hand up and rub his face. Y'all are best buddies and I know he is wrapped around that precious chubbylittle finger. Give it time baby girl nd youll be able to sweet talk him into anything.


Sadly we have a big dislike to talk about. My chunky monkey you may love to eat, but ever since the ear infection you no longer want to nurse. Cue sad mama face and maybe a  few tears. I still try every now and then to get you to nurse, but you just don't seem to want to. Mama is stubborn so I pump 6 times a day to make sure you are still only getting breast milk. I know we can make it to 8 months and then we still try for a year, but we will take it 1 day at a time. Sadly my supply has gone down, but that is another post for another day.

You still don't care for tummy time, but you can lift your head up so high now and I think you will start to army crawl soon. You woll from side to side on your play mat but you only like to lay on your tummy for about 10 minutes and then you done. It is hilarious how you will scream on your belly and the instant we roll you back to your back you start smiling.

Let's not forget the best part of month 5
I new better then to buy you too many toys because I knew the grandparents would hook you up and hook you up they did. Mama and daddy got you a few fun things like a Wheely bug, a set of vintage wooden blocks in a pull cart, a soft tea set, some hats, a sippy cup, some mesh food teethers, and an assortment of other small goodies. I can honestly say this was the best Christmas I have ever had. There was nothing I wanted for Christmas except for my little family to be together and healthy and happy.

I love this series of pictures from you 5 month photo shoot. This is truly who you are. You love checking things out and figuring them out and you crak yourself up.
What is this?

Do you see this?

This things is AWESOME!

Your first New Years wasn't very exciting. Mama go food poisinig fromeating left over Christmas breakfast casserole  we just chille at home, but it was nice to spend it together just the 3 of us.

Baby girl I am not just saying this because I am your mama, but you are the happiest most incredible little girl God ever created. You are ALWAYS happy and I promise I don't just post the happy picture. Now don't get me wrong because you definitely have your moments, but they are few and far between and usuall occur when you are hungry. Nonni was right when she said your chubby jowls must be sore at the end of the day because you are always smiling. These past 5 months have been the best 5 months of my life. I couldnt ask for anymore blessings then I already have.

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Mrs. K said...

She is such a little doll Rox! <3 I know it's tough when you can't nurse, but don't give up on it completely. She may just be having problems because of the teething & all. I never thought Carter & I would go back to nursing full-time when I first started EPing, but I am glad I kept trying. Our next goal is 6 months as well & I can't imagine not making it there at this point. Hang in there momma!