Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Half Birthday To You

It feels like just yesterday we were driving to the hospital to get checked out because I wasn’t feeling Kinley move. I can still remember the nurses whispering at the end of the hall wondering if they would send us home or send us straight to the hospital. They eventually sent us home only to head back a few hours later where we got to finally meet our precious little. 6 months! 6 months have gone past since that day. Half a year has passed and there are only 6 months until my sweet girl is 1. If these next 6 months go by as fast as these last 6 months then we really need to get a move on planning Mckinley’s birthday. Thanks to Pinterest we are well on our way, but that is for another time.
Month 6 has been an absolute blast. It is absolutely impossible to be mad, sad, angry, or anything other than 100% super-duper happy when my sweet girl is around. She has the most amazing gummy nose wrinkling smile. It makes me so happy when everyone else tells me how just looking at her picture makes other people happy or just makes them smile. As long as she is happy then we are doing something right. So let's get down to Biznass and review some of the highlights of Month 6.
Weight: 17 lbs.
Length: 25" and some
Percentile: 70% in weight (hello chunky lady) and 40% in length (my little peanut)
Activities: Sitting up, grabbing everything and banging it against anything nearby, neked butt time, jumping in your exersaucer and jumper, going stiff as a board so we will stand you up, chewing on your fingers, laughing, smiling, slapping your hands on everything, rubbing your feet together, trying to pick stuff up with your monkey toes. You love to read books and bang on them and we recently discovered you love to rip paper so I can't read a magazine anymore because you go crazy trying to get it. You are still riding in your infant car seat and we won't be switching you to your convertible car seat for a few more lbs. and a few more inches. You are sitting up so well now that we don't really need to keep you in your car seat and stroller frame, but it is so much easier just to transfer you from the car to the frame. I absolutely love your newest cuteness when you reach your hand out to my lips so I will kiss the palm of your hand. It makes my heart melt every time you do it. I also don't mind when you run your fingers through my hair. I am going to be really sad to cut it in May for LOL. I also LOVE how excited you get when you see me now. It is like you just can't believe I am actually there and your whole body goes wild.
Clothing: Even though your fluff butt takes up a bit of room you are now in 6 month and 6-9 outfits so you are pretty true to size. You are a short chunker with the most perfect chunky thighs. I know you probably won’t always be a  girly girl if you are anything like your mama so I dress you like a baby doll any chance I get. 98.9% of the time you are dressed head to toe in pink, but we switch it up from time to time. Hats are still our favorite accessories and we have plenty of those. Cloth diapering is definitely a different creature when food is added to the equation. Let's just say things are a little more sticky. I won't get into any graphic details, but let's just say we can no longer throw everything into a wet bag and just was it. I actually just ordered a diaper sprayer to help things along.
Food: Milk is still your main source of food, but we have finally started eating some food. We started with avocado which was a hit then we tried yellow squash which went ok, but it doesn’t puree very smooth so we will save that for later. Peas are going pretty good and we will try green beans or sweet potatoes next. Making baby food is really easy and really fun and I love knowing exactly what you are eating.
Teeth: We are still waiting for your 2 top teeth to pop through. They don’t really seem to bother you except for some finger chewing every now and then. The drooling has slowed so it may still be a while before we see some pearly whites.
Sleep: I am loving that you are letting me rock you to sleep lately. You could fall asleep all by yourself most nights and sometimes you would just rather talk yourself to sleep, but I am a ok with rocking you every night if you need it. You are hit and miss with the paci and never use it during the day except sometimes when napping and we mostly use it at bedtime. We had a few days where you were waking up throughout the night and thankfully for you very tired mam and daddy you have gone back to going to bed between 7-8 and sleeping until 6. You are up and talking and ready to go at 6 and during the week daddy gets you up and ready to go, but the weekends are mama's time. We like to let daddy sleep in while we cuddle and play.

Speech: You are a gibber jabberer. If you aren't squealing you are talking. You makes lots of fun sounds and noises. Your most used sound is ba ba ba babejesus out of me every time you do it and I will check on you every time you do it and you just smile and laugh at me like "You silly woman can't you tell I am just talkin!"

I am so thankful everyday that I was chosen to be your mama Baby Love. We prayed for you for many nights and we never imagined how super awesome you would be. You have completely changed our lives for the better and I couldn't imagine my life without you in it. You have made your daddy and I better people and I feel like you have brought us even closer then we were before. I can't wait to see how you grow and change in these next 6 months.

Mckinley and her great grandma Gigi


Ready To Go

Fluffy double stuffed nightime diaper

Chillin with my boyfriend Noah

Napping with daddy

Exersaucing is exhausting

Lovin on my mama

Little elf

Wild child

Happy girl

First time trying real food. You can't tell, but avocado was a hit

Silly girl

Nom nom nom

Just hanging out playing

Neked butt tummy time

Ready to run

My heart

Ready to do soem eatin


Wild woman

All smiles all the time

Helping mama do laundry

The tongue

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