Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Milestone Mayhem

If my child does not stop growing I am going to have to start shoving her into 3 month onesies so maybe she stops getting bigger. I am 100% joking because we are actually moving up to a few 6-9 months because my chunky monkey's legs just aren't fitting in 3-6 sleepers. I just had to post before Mckinley's 6 month update because we have hit a pretty big mile stone.

We have been teetering around actually sitting up for quite sometime now, but we are full on long periods of time sitters now. I accidentally added an extra letter in sitters, but thankfully spell correct fixed that for me.

Stop Growing this instant young lady! See even at 5 1/2 months the child doesn't listen to me. The next 18 years are going to be real fun!

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Mrs. K said...

She's such a little rockstar! Way to go Kinley! =)