Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Patience Is A Virtue

My dad used to tell me this all of the time and still does and let me tell you I am still not a patient person and neither is my child. She is also very stubborn (wonder where she gets that from??)

We spent most of the afternoon doing this and I know she isn't feeling good with 1 front tooth and a molar coming in at the same time, but I am absolutely exhausted and was ready for her to go to bed and I never say that!

Now if we could get past the potty training hurdle of saying she pooped when she has peed in her diaper and then freaking out because she is wet! So go on the potty kid! We are going through more diapers now than before potty training because she hates being wet. Oh well potty training problems right? 

Now I am just praying she sleeps through these storms that are about to roll through.

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