Monday, January 21, 2013

Jump On Board Teachers Shout Out

If you are a teacher, mom, human, and you have a minute you must go check out my Awesome MIL's Teacher Pay Teacher site! She also has a super cute blog she runs with a friend called Jump On Board Teachers  you should definitely follow if you are an elementary school teacher who likes blogs.

If you are not a teacher you may not know how much work actually goes into lesson planning. Yes we have books that give us ideas, but almost everything we use we make ourselves and that takes a lot of time. From planning the lesson, to creating all of the projects, to creating examples and getting all of the supplies needed for each each activity takes me almost an entire week to prepare for the next week which means while I am teaching that weeks lesson I have to find time to make everything I need for the following week. In 1 week we do 5 "jobs" or afternoon activities that include math , art , writing, and reading activities, etc. and then almost every day we are doing some sort of activity usually an art project that goes along with our theme. That means in 1 week we are completing 10-15 activities and with 19 students that takes some time to  do.

Now that we have that out of the way enter the Teacher Pay Teacher site where you can find tons of Lesson plan Ideas and purchase already created Lessons which can make a teachers life much much easier! Now I would toot my MIL's horn anyways because I love her, but I truly honestly LOVE her lessons!! She only started telling a few months ago and she has already created 6 multi page lessons. And when I say her lesson are complete they have everything from cute original stories to write the room activities.

If you have a moment go check her out.

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